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Vika Gazinskaya x


It started with this dress spotted in Pintrest.  So simple yet beautifully crafted – the flow on the placket, the upright collar, the slouch on the shoulder, the choice of colours, the block of colours..the clever, subtle curve on the blocks..


And so the journey starts discovering a new label and what other delights to feast on.


That blue at the bottom..


You’re either a volume person, or you’re not.  I love it.  I love the sense of intrigue that’s added when a person steps inside.  Vita Gazinskaya has it down to a tee.


Not that volume is the only choice.


It’s clever cutting and ingenuity.

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A simple palette with bold designs.  Mi piace.

Laters, Kate x

The Palace x


Yesterday I went with the lovely Galliana to Buckingham Palace.  As you do.  The only downside was we were there only as ticket wielding plebs.  But we still had the chance to admire the ornate state rooms and look out over the beautiful 39 acre garden in the centre of London.

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But the highlight was the exhibition of the 90 years of style from the Queen’s wardrobe amounting to eighty outfits and 62 iconic hats.


It was a lesson in the diplomacy of fashion: Made for a reason, for a specific person with a unique job using colours to be seen with subtle emblems and signs to flatter the right people in the right places – like the incorporation of the colours of a national flag for a tour abroad.  There was thought, care and attention to detail and whilst fashion was was there, it wasn’t fashion for fashions sake.


It really was the best of British.  The collection is on till Oct 2 and is well worth a visit.

 (You can also have tea by the lawn afterwards…)


Laters, Kate x

Food for Breakfast..


Things are moving on a pace on the renovation…painting has started on the cellar, lights have gone up and the hallway, which was boarded up for protection by the builders has been opened up again..it now feels twice the size.  More paint samples have been bought (I swear this is where paint companies make their profit)…but at least they’re starting to make sense. Pictures will follow soon…


Outside the sky is brilliant blue and it genuinely feels that spring is knocking on the door..hence of the appeal of these spring pics from Toast, suggesting bare foot easy living with simplicity the main ingredient and quality the key.

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I want to be here.

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Toast also do the best summer scarves..expensive, but worth every penny.


In contrast their Swedish clog shoes are great value – just £65..

Goes to show…there’s always something exciting around the corner…

Laters, Kate x

Happy birthday..


It’s Finery’s first birthday – it seems hardly believable they’ve been around for such a short time.


It’s such a great label that fills a gap in the market you never thought was there. Until they started.

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On the one side it’s reflective, mild mannered and be-spectacled.


On the other, clever, en pointe, different.


This is a label that joins all the dots.


And does the best trousers. Stalk them.

Laters, Kate x

A Green Summer x


Is there a place for fast, wallet-friendly fashion?


Can you really have your cake and eat it?


Monki would certainly like to think so.

cdb300b038b413ddf010778d7e585de2There’s nothing in this post that costs over £50.


But this is a Company with principles..their Care Label represents their ideals regarding organic cotton and their better cotton initiative which is to ensure the cotton they buy uses less chemicals, less water and gives the people involved in production more benefits.  It also stands for their Code of Conduct, which all their suppliers must comply with, to ensure decent working standards and conditions for the employees of their suppliers.  And finally it’s a promise to minimise the impact of fashion, both in production and regarding landfill, by re-using existing materials and re-cycling them into new cotton, polyester and wool.


With designs like these…..it’s cream teas all round..

Laters, kate x

Fashion Story x


In the focaccia bunfight of fashion, how is true style evaluated and who wins the cherry on the top?


We know sometimes less is more..


That it’s thinking out of the box..that magic moment when perfectionists take risks..


Finding that rare sweet spot moment when it takes brains and a perverse delight to play a swaggering fool.  When you aren’t.


Elegance and body language is in the mix..


And it’s not about money..


Style isn’t beauty, it’s perfectly picked proportions.


That fine, hazy line between victim and genius, because there’s no beauty without strangeness.


(All pictures from Style.com)

Fashion is conforming to current styles and trends.

Style is throwing them out of the window.

Laters, Kate x

Extra Ordinary x


Burberry Prorsum Pre-fall 2015 is a long way from scuttlebutt rumours and diva strops.  It’s classy, simple, elegant dressing with just a whiff of urban street..


There’s a forensically clear silhouettes – skinny legs, ankle boots and big layers that we can all believe in..


The coats are particularly simple and absolutely lustworthy – but there are no surprises, no attempts to gnaw at anything primal..


( All pictures from Style.com)

Just effortlessly produced wardrobe staples you’d want to wear forever…the spice is up to you to add…


Laters, Kate x

Delicious.. x


(Scot Mills on Strictly on Sat)

Who would’ve thought that a TV take on Fester could produce such fertile fashion soil? But then this is Strictly..and I am a fan..


That scarf and the way it’s pinned? it highlights an unexpected similarity to 1920s opera coats, reverencing past angles and structure.  I so want to find a faux fur scarf now and add it to my winter coat…and how refreshing to see the perfect vehicle for decadent, vintage broaches…my jewellery box is smiling just at the thought..



The perfect example of the way something unexpected influences the way you process things and sparks the imagination: Looking, liking….lusting. Now the hunt starts…

Laters, Kate x

Food for Thought..


Much of the work of Marques’Almeida nibbles on an old drumstick: Denim – which doesn’t stop it being the sartorial rage of the moment..


It plays to that thrilling duality of grunge and deconstruction meeting designer brand.


But this denim is smarter, sharper… fruitier..


Straight talking boxy shapes that still hold a seductive allure.


And if you didn’t know already, they’re doing a collab with Top Shop on the 10 November..one for the diary..


(All photos from Style.com)

Check out those sleeves – It may be a drumstick – but it’s a top of the range organic one cooked sublimely in a heavenly sauce by a caring Michelin starred chef..

Laters, Kate x

Rachel Rachel x


The appeal of perusing the latest catwalk offerings is thinking you are getting ideas hot off the sewing machine..


Except of course you’re not..large flotsam of inspiration comes for the likes of you and I just walking the streets with a strange consortium of bits from vintage sales and jumbles..so there’s a rather wonderful organic life force with no-one having a monopoly, a wave of responding and creating that the Designers then put a spotlight on..and then we think it’s brilliant all over again, but maybe in a different way..


Except the way something influences and what processes then happen is up to the individual, which can be truly enlightening, particularly if they have a strong voice..


Amplifying, creating opposition, accepting, asking for more or leaving a loose edge – utilitarian wear in posh fabrics,  it’s all in the interpretation..


At Rachel Comey SS15 you can taste the strength – there’s a simplicity reflective of a confidence in what she sees..


With masterful strokes of clashing patterns, eras and colour. But does she influence my style? – or do I fly to her light because there’s a kindred understanding?


I can’t really say why her silhouettes appeal so much..


(Although I find it hard to resist a good beltbag..)


Her designs are far from the traditional feminine shapes..


(photos courtesy of Style.com)

But then, I’ve always preferred sexy to be a suggestion of shape – and fashion to be style rather than trend…and maybe that’s why she makes my eyes sparkle…

Laters, Kate x