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Padded x

Are layers the transition between seasons or are they the season, only the number being the decider? After being convinced for years over the importance of the big coat and the big jumper, I’m beginning to think it’s the later that’s more useful – that subtle transformation to come with fluctuating temperatures both outside and in, from t-shirt to adding thin jumper and maybe a shirt, to a blazer or denim jacket to a padded gilet before the final layer and herald of true winter – the thick coat. Once reconsidered as both a coat and a layer, the padded coat’s star quality starts rising exponentially, especially now they’re so lightweight, yet thin and warm.

(All pics Pinterest)

It also helps they hold structural shape. Another point of happy difference. Who knew the anorak would become a vital wardrobe staple?

Laters, Kate x

New Start x


Uniforms washed and ironed, school bags packed, kids out the door!!!!!!! Finally time to step off the battle bus, to stop chasing screams and no longer think about jumping the pitfalls of regular crashes.  It’s a huge sigh of relief that once the breakfast things are sorted, my house will remain in the same state ALL DAY…that I can sit at my desk to write without earplugs or feeling guilty that I’m ignoring the chaos or their needs, because that’s where the holiday conflict lies – doing something just for me, which is effectively inherently selfish versus being at everyone’s beck and call.  Despite knowing that a happy mum is a happy family, it’s incredibly hard – like holding a bubble – to find the balance. Which I think is why my brain has been swirling round the notions of simplicity and how it works across all aspects of life.    Take Sonia Rykiel Resort 2016 – in the happy, slightly dappy land where my second self permanently lives, I could cheerfully own the whole collection, but not just for Resort season – it would last the whole year and beyond..the outfit above would be for today, the first day back..


Parents evening..


Cooler, autumnal days..


A bit of bling for Christmas..


New Years eve, painting the town red in black and white.




All the way to sports day..


(All pics from the new Vogue.com)

And summer hols.

(Please note that my second self can fit all these sample sizes and has legs up to my armpits) But then what would I do next year? Sell it to make way for new stuff? Store it because one day Bella might love it too? or just love it till it falls to bits in the acceptance that fashion is fickle and there’s no point in chasing rainbows?

It’s a conundrum. Deep within, even for my second self, there’s a questioning at the constant need for accrual, for stuff, for the next big thing.  We’re constantly bombarded with pretty things, branding and temptation. Consumerism is important – businesses and artisans need supporting, and I’m as guilty as anyone, constantly looking for the next delight, the next perfect shoe or dream coat. But has it all gone too far?

Oh God.  I think I think I need a uniform too.

Laters, Kate x

Extra Ordinary x


Burberry Prorsum Pre-fall 2015 is a long way from scuttlebutt rumours and diva strops.  It’s classy, simple, elegant dressing with just a whiff of urban street..


There’s a forensically clear silhouettes – skinny legs, ankle boots and big layers that we can all believe in..


The coats are particularly simple and absolutely lustworthy – but there are no surprises, no attempts to gnaw at anything primal..


( All pictures from Style.com)

Just effortlessly produced wardrobe staples you’d want to wear forever…the spice is up to you to add…


Laters, Kate x

Haute Spot x


A new label for me, but one with pedigree: The Adam Lippes brand was launched in 2013 but the bloodline goes back much further..Adam Lippes first started work at Polo Ralph Lauren, before receiving a touch of gilding at Oscar de la Renta, where he became one of the youngest Creative Designers ever, eventually leading to the creation of his own label ADAM in 2004.


The sports lux influence is there, fused with the elegant and refined for clever, multi-functional, multi-purpose outfits..

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Comprehensive, wearable designs with enough detail to make you look beyond first impressions.

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Add in shearling and padded coats and it’s the stuff of snug bedding translated into fashion..

One to watch..

Laters, Kate x

Kule x


Kule – not a clever play on words, but designer Nikki Kule’s highly appropriate name.

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Offering a modern, classic luxury, ‘preppy luxe’ aesthetic thats easy on the eye and edgy in look.


 It sits perfectly in that aspirational ‘smart casual’ part of the wardrobe..that essential area that’s surprisingly hard to fill…

Mi piace.. xxx