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Julie Pelipas x

Julie Pelipas: Street style star, Vogue Ukraine fashion director and up cycled vintage fashion label owner – a one woman, stop at nothing powerhouse. She says,

‘When it comes to creating clothes, we can do better, we can create beautiful things ethically and thoughtfully, that is the challenge and the magic.’

I love her take on masculine tailoring – an obsession since her school days when she started adapting her Grandfather’s suits. Loose, lounge-able and louche; I want.

(All pics Pinterest)

Laters, Kate x

High Altitude x

The mirror in which we see ourselves is warped – so why not pull the lines a little bit more?

So thinks Paper London, a fashion brand that imbues simplicity as it’s backbone and strong architectural lines, it’s war cry.

How cool and clever? Asymmetrical, flattering and pulls the eye to a different point of interest.

(All pics Paper London)

A fashion label that knows what it thinks.

Laters, Kate x

Cordite x

Pipped to rise back into fashion and with good reason: Cords, the seventies classic are back the spotlight with a modern day twist. Combine that with their rich, deep colour and you know they’re going to be a hit.

The company leading the charge in the corduroy revolution is Cords, catering for both men and women, tops and bottoms their cut is second to none.

With a Roman feast of sumptuous options..

And colours that truly work.

(All pics Cords)

How to choose? May be lucky dip! You can’t really go wrong.

Laters, Kate x

Arket x

Arket is the new concept child of H&M and translates to ‘a sheet of paper’.

One can only think this relates to blank, ie a change of direction.

It will cater for men, women, children and homewares, but there will be a conscious focus away from High Street principals of pile em high, sell em cheap, to sustainability, durability and quality, but with an eye on affordability.

It says it’s offering ‘Staples in varying weights’ – a concept to embrace.

And opens in the UK on 25 August.

One for the diary.

Laters, Kate x

Cheers x

A toast to Toast for their latest collection: The perfect combination of simple, wearable, utility chic.

The beauty is in the details: Plackets, bibs, pockets and seems.

Check out the subtle pleating on the waistband and the neckline of this shirt.

(All pics Toast)

I want.

Laters, Kate x

Square Root..


The trouser is having a moment.


Cropped, fuller cut, sometimes with a higher waist, it’s evolving into something special.

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Transitional, versatile and already tugging at the heart strings.


It could be the most important new piece in your wardrobe.

Laters, Kate x

Confident & Lethal x


A look back at a post ahead of it’s time….

The new freshly revitalised curiously exotic cropped trouser (is it a culotte? is it a crop?) is a subtle study in seductive volume and intriguing silhouette.


Worn with a pair of killer kicks.


Or battered sneakers..


They appear totally relevant, wearable and somehow..romantic.


Hand-clappingly ravishing with full throttle satisfaction..I fall.

Laters, Kate x

(Photo acknowledgements:, Walsh Tippetts and Pintrest)

Happy birthday..


It’s Finery’s first birthday – it seems hardly believable they’ve been around for such a short time.


It’s such a great label that fills a gap in the market you never thought was there. Until they started.

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On the one side it’s reflective, mild mannered and be-spectacled.


On the other, clever, en pointe, different.


This is a label that joins all the dots.


And does the best trousers. Stalk them.

Laters, Kate x

Gestuz x


With that something just a little bit special, Gestuz are like an upper class, rich woman’s Zara whilst still remaining within the realms of affordability.


Masters of the clean, cool, contemporary, classic with their pared down, intelligent designs.

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Effortlessly creating the wardrobe staples of the future.


I want.

Laters, Kate x

Lemaire x


Who can say no to effortless, elegant Parisian chic?


Lemaire is a collective led by Paris-based uber pair Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran who appear to feed off style instead of calories.


Their aim is exceptional everyday clothing heavily influenced by the atmospheric, historical, heady, cosmopolitan mix of Paris.


Expect deceptively simple pieces in modest, natural materials, updated to modern with a different kick and swing. It’s a palette that oozes cool from catwalk to couch.

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There’s a sophisticated allure that’s hard to define.

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It’s full of evocative elegance with the sense of languid air, white wine spirtzers and hazy, long days watching the world walk by.


(All pics from Lemaire)

Impossible to resist, undeniably covetable…

Laters, Kate x