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Magic Carpet x


If there’s a theme over the last few post it’s re-invention. And the carpet industry is ripe for it: 400,000 tonnes of unwanted carpet is buried in UK landfill every year.


Isabel Webb has decided thats where the rubys in the dust lie – she’s taking both domestic and industrial carpet waste and giving it her own unique twist through dying, tufting, embroidery and shearing to reveal new patterns and textures and expose the potential within.


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(All pictures Isabel Webb)

Isabel only graduated in 2016 so this is the embryo of a work in progress. But we like it. And we need more.

Laters, Kate x

A Green Summer x


Is there a place for fast, wallet-friendly fashion?


Can you really have your cake and eat it?


Monki would certainly like to think so.

cdb300b038b413ddf010778d7e585de2There’s nothing in this post that costs over £50.


But this is a Company with principles..their Care Label represents their ideals regarding organic cotton and their better cotton initiative which is to ensure the cotton they buy uses less chemicals, less water and gives the people involved in production more benefits.  It also stands for their Code of Conduct, which all their suppliers must comply with, to ensure decent working standards and conditions for the employees of their suppliers.  And finally it’s a promise to minimise the impact of fashion, both in production and regarding landfill, by re-using existing materials and re-cycling them into new cotton, polyester and wool.


With designs like these…..it’s cream teas all round..

Laters, kate x