Marianna Leivaditaki x


Yesterday I had a look at the Toast website; like stepping into an indulgent shop where you know your senses are going to be softly stroked and where your shoulders always drop.  It’s not just the clothes, but the styling, the photographs, the rich vein of history and timelessness that runs through every piece, the pride and the quality.  I always look at their magazine, see what tasty morsels there are and low, behold, there was this article about the Head chef of Moro Hackney, Marianna Leivaditaki and her childhood in Crete.  It’s a beautiful piece and well worth a read, speaking an exotic language of freedom and hard work, of dreams and ambition.

(All pics Toast)


Marianna has a new cook book out, which after reading the article has found a place on my wish list (if there is one, slight criticism, its over the cover – all this rich history and the designers hand over a school text book? But maybe that’s just me) The book is full of stories, pictures and glorious recipes – and once again, there’s a sense of authenticity, the thread of time and a real beating heart.


For me, it’s a chance to taste and re-live the magical time we had in Greece this year. Something to cherish as the season changes.


Laters, Kate x


  1. Kate

    I’ve really got back in to Toast again recently. Maybe something to do with lockdown and their homely cosy appeal. I’ve picked up some fantastic bits in the sale too. Starting to feel autumnal and looking at their knits…. their journal is brilliant, really well curated. I agree with the cover though, could be so much more relevant X

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Another Londoner! greetings! It’s a bit of a touchstone for me – I go there to smell old leather and wild countryside, remind myself there’s more beyond these pavements. Re cover..just wanted that rich heritage to be reachable.. xxx