Collab x

I got all excited when I saw that Alexa Chung had done a Collab with Barbour, classic mixed with classic quirk had me intrigued.

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The pieces, though simple stand alone. But I was gutted with the styling – the Barbour website looks like something a generic garden centre would put together; where’s the mist on the rolling hills, dew caught on blackberry bushes, the wooden farmer’s gate just open, the pheasants, the rust of autumn leaves? Where’s the aspiration, the fantasy? I’m fully aware it is a fantasy – but sometimes it’s good to dream…

Laters, Kate x

Style Icon x

So generic are the names of Charles and Ray Eames that for many years I assumed they were a same sex couple. Slap forehead in horror. This is a look at the interiors that nurtured them – the multiple layers, the natural surfaces, the bold shapes, the division of space and their instant, timeless appeal.

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Laters, Kate x

Statement x

I always love a statement light, even more so if it looks the bang but has a brilliant price point, so lightsandlamps has been a bit of a discovery. Take this pic – a heart beating fusion of past glamour and slick contemporary all for £169.

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And there are plenty more where that one came from.

Laters, Kate x

Padded x

Are layers the transition between seasons or are they the season, only the number being the decider? After being convinced for years over the importance of the big coat and the big jumper, I’m beginning to think it’s the later that’s more useful – that subtle transformation to come with fluctuating temperatures both outside and in, from t-shirt to adding thin jumper and maybe a shirt, to a blazer or denim jacket to a padded gilet before the final layer and herald of true winter – the thick coat. Once reconsidered as both a coat and a layer, the padded coat’s star quality starts rising exponentially, especially now they’re so lightweight, yet thin and warm.

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It also helps they hold structural shape. Another point of happy difference. Who knew the anorak would become a vital wardrobe staple?

Laters, Kate x

J Louis

People, portraits, captivating colour, large scale works – there’s much to desire in the works of artist, J Louis. His attention is on textures, the quality of the layers that draw the viewer in, but interestingly his technique is just as much about scraping paint off as it is about painting it on. From a starting point of a photoshoot with models, he works through a process of manipulating the image, preparing the canvas with linens and adhesive, then adding and removing the colour. The final effect is a visual treat and a smorgasbord of contrasts – bold blocks versus captivating details, intriguing details versus strong proportions, contrasting colours versus dreamy layers.

(All pics J.Louis and Pinterest)

It’s like standing on a hill, a landscape spread out down below, with 5 different weather systems happening at the same time. And being filled with pleasure.

Laters, Kate x

Oversized x

WordPress have been highlighting a new editor/format thingy for some time. But I’ve been ignoring it – a bit like a visit to the dental hygienist – you know you need to do it, but hate paying for the privilege and pain. It came to bite me on the bum this morning when I sat down to write a normal post and came face to face with my new reality. So I’ve decided to embrace the inevitable, override my inner voice saying ‘stick to simple’ and experiment – a bit like these peeps above are prepared to do.

I can’t decide if my love of oversized comes from form or rebellion, but it certainly speaks to me as the liberal way of dressing. To me it says the clothes I wear are more important than the body I have underneath and the shapes I create override any perceptions you may wish to project onto me. It says volume, space, freedom and comfort. And it says I can have all these things and still be stylish.

In my big, baggy, extra large book that’s a winner, winner chicken bloody dinner.

Laters, Kate x

Going Glam x



I’ve been watching The Block on Amazon – an interior design competition set in Australia.  The idea is 5 teams of two renovate a high end apartment each before flogging them at auction, any profit they make is their’s to keep, plus there’s additional prize money for the biggest winner.  The programme originally started in the UK where it was a flop, then the Aussies grabbed it, injected some real money, upped the style criteria and produced a winner – I started at the 2015 series and was mightily impressed – considering it was five years old, all the decisions still stood the test of time.  What makes it superior to other interior competitions is the authenticity and attention to detail – the contestants are given some serious wonga and are working on a genuine building site where their rooms have to pass code, overseen by structural engineers, foremen and architects; there are no glue guns allowed here. The addition of strict deadlines makes for a tense work environment between couples, between builders, between teams – it’s a rich soup of happenings and creativity that makes for compulsive viewing.  I’m now on the 2016 series, where based on the building’s age the rooms are calling for art deco and Hollywood glamour, these were some of playing-along-fantasy-sofa-surfing-inspiration-picks…



Be still my beating heart….

Laters, Kate x

Long to belong x


Is the long winter, oversized eighties era coat finally coming back?


Apart from their ability to gather up leaves whilst walking down steps.  It’s a huge thumbs up from here.

Laters, Kate x

Going Green x



In London we’ve had a ten plus degree drop in the weather with gales and heavy rain predicted for today, though as I write this, the sun is trying to come out.  Nope. Gone. Like the dew in the morn and my hope for an end to all this. But it’s almost time to put away the garden for the winter, which I think also means thinking about how to bring the green inside.  This pot from Garden Trading hits the sweet spot with it’s short little legs and gorgeous retro green.  In fact, all their pots are eye catching and extremely good value, ranging from £5 to £18 – they’re also going on my virtual present list too, because who wouldn’t want to be gifted something so edible, awesome and cute?


(Pinterest and Garden Trading)


And just look at them hanging out as a group? Who needs a social life!

Laters, Kate x