I wish..

As a child I had a fascination with everything in miniature from the smallest tea-set to knives and forks for fairies.  Maybe that’s why this piece of jewellery appeals so much.

Loquet-mainSheherazade Goldsmith and Laura Bailey have combined forces to create Loquet, a delicate, ingenious take on the charm bracelet.  Their lockets, either heart-shaped or circular and made of crystal, open to store your own choice of keepsake charms.

laura-bailey-jewellery-vogue-1-18jun13-pr_1080x720-1I love jewellery with meaning, especially when it makes simple objects obtain talismanic status..the gem of a birthstone, an initial of a loved one, a golden ring all worn together next to your heart. This is not a cheap option..but then somethings in life should be special: Treasures to be treasured…and a girl’s gotta dream..

Laters, Kate x


    • MasonBentley

      Love, love, love! They are so personal..maybe I had better get saving for Bella’s 18?..or better still – my birthday at some future date and she can inherit it!! xxx

  1. A Spoonful of Style

    Beautiful! I love the idea that you can add more charms to mark special events such as the birth of a child, a wedding anniversary etc. It’s going straight onto my Christmas wish list! X

  2. rubyangel711

    I’ve always loved lockets since childhood when I got my first one at 7. I adore these ones! The combination of a locket and charm necklace is ingenious! My 8yr old would go ga-ga for these!😍

    • MasonBentley

      Dolls houses..medicine cabinets with hundreds of little drawers..I could and would spend hours taking everything out, admiring it..and putting it all back again! x

  3. (scand)alice

    I just went on the website and fell in love with them. The only thing I do not love is the price haha but for something as beautiful as the jewelry, it only makes sense why it’s expensive.

  4. TNFashionLove

    When my hubby and I first start dating (way back when), he bought me a locket and folded up a pink post-it note inside which says “I love you”. To this day I still wear it, but I would LOVE to upgrade it to something more precious sometime, say for an anniversary. I’m definitely with you though, lotto win for sure. Now, where’s my ticket?

    • MasonBentley

      Aw shucks..that is just l.o.v.e.l.y!! maybe you could have the note shrunk and gold plated?? Actually..it’s too nice for that..sometimes it’s the little things that have the most value and I suspect that piece of paper is worth it’s weight in gold anyway! xxx