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The Dirty Shirt x

The true version of sexy isn’t bandeau dresses and containment, in both the physical and metaphorical sense.  It’s suggestion and just the right number of buttons left undone. And what better way to achieve that than with the humble shirt?

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(Time to raid the husband’s wardrobe…)

Laters, Kate x

Flashback x

They say the true cycle of fashion is thirty years.  It seems a lot quicker than that to me…but maybe that’s because time is slipping through my fingers at an ever increasing rate.  I can certainly remember this micro-trends first outing back in the eighties.  The key then was vintage, naturally well-worn ripped mens’ 501s with classic black fishnets and either DMs or pointed flats.

(As someone who knows: The larger meshes and little toes never mix.  Soz).

Laters, Kate x

Clothes List x


Weather update in London: Drab, grey, definitely cooler than December but still not cuttingly cold – not a true frost to be seen, instead lots of rain, puddles and mud.  It’s when I miss the twinkling lights of Christmas and long for spring – which is still a good six weeks away.


Clothes are still transitional – I wore my big winter jumper for the first time today, but that’s probably more because we have no heating as the boiler is being moved.  To go out, all I needed was a light wool jacket  – which sums up the weirdness of a winter that’s never progressed: It’s a time of mashing up opposites – skinny jeans with giant cardigans, long wool coats with no socks….floaty skirts and enormous jumpers.


(Pics: Pinterest)

Just keep a brolly handy.

Laters, Kate x

LFW Street Style x


Street style is about the unexpected – the clothes might’ve existed before, but the combinations probably didn’t: large furry collar, vintage vitamin cardigan, pleated midi skirt and a bowling bag? It’s a cunning mix..

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And even if you think the mix is wrong, it’s still exhilarating and liberating to know there are no rules, no requirement to colour co-ordinate.


(Tapered just over the knees and this would be my ideal dress. Sigh)


Every body, each story is different and the outfit is tailored to respond to the individual and what they want to say.


And so a picture becomes a quick chat in the corridor.

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It’s that fantastic clash of sophistication and slightly out of order. Bring it on!

Laters, Kate x