Rachel Rachel x


The appeal of perusing the latest catwalk offerings is thinking you are getting ideas hot off the sewing machine..


Except of course you’re not..large flotsam of inspiration comes for the likes of you and I just walking the streets with a strange consortium of bits from vintage sales and jumbles..so there’s a rather wonderful organic life force with no-one having a monopoly, a wave of responding and creating that the Designers then put a spotlight on..and then we think it’s brilliant all over again, but maybe in a different way..


Except the way something influences and what processes then happen is up to the individual, which can be truly enlightening, particularly if they have a strong voice..


Amplifying, creating opposition, accepting, asking for more or leaving a loose edge – utilitarian wear in posh fabrics,  it’s all in the interpretation..


At Rachel Comey SS15 you can taste the strength – there’s a simplicity reflective of a confidence in what she sees..


With masterful strokes of clashing patterns, eras and colour. But does she influence my style? – or do I fly to her light because there’s a kindred understanding?


I can’t really say why her silhouettes appeal so much..


(Although I find it hard to resist a good beltbag..)


Her designs are far from the traditional feminine shapes..


(photos courtesy of Style.com)

But then, I’ve always preferred sexy to be a suggestion of shape – and fashion to be style rather than trend…and maybe that’s why she makes my eyes sparkle…

Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    Here we are coming into Autumn, past the “no white” Labor Day rule and all I want to do is put on the white outfits. I have a pair of shoes that will look divine with them. XO 🙂