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Fashion Story x


In the focaccia bunfight of fashion, how is true style evaluated and who wins the cherry on the top?


We know sometimes less is more..


That it’s thinking out of the box..that magic moment when perfectionists take risks..


Finding that rare sweet spot moment when it takes brains and a perverse delight to play a swaggering fool.  When you aren’t.


Elegance and body language is in the mix..


And it’s not about money..


Style isn’t beauty, it’s perfectly picked proportions.


That fine, hazy line between victim and genius, because there’s no beauty without strangeness.


(All pictures from Style.com)

Fashion is conforming to current styles and trends.

Style is throwing them out of the window.

Laters, Kate x

Button up.. x


Pheobe Philo has done it again.  With her Fall 14 RTW Collection, she’s stood outside the circle and injected that tiny little something which like the flapping of a butterflies wing, goes on to rock the very foundation stone of perceived style: Should buttons by symmetrical?


I’m a symmetry girl me: Don’t get me wrong – I love the unexpected, I embrace the fun…but buttons? Don’t they look like a mistake if they’re out of alignment?…or not…? (And there’s that one earring thing to contend with too..)


Quirky or subverted? A quiet act of rebellion or just plain wrong?  A new signature out of the trap of mediocrity and a new escape route from containment?…or does it actually make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end?


Or is this the phase where you first look in horror…then slowly digest…before finally realising it’s the best thing since sliced bread? (those shoes!)



Or are their some things that even the great Pheobe Philo can’t change…?

Laters, Kate x