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Trans-seasonal x

So here’s the thing – weather in London, in September – particularly this year – is unpredictable.  If the sun does make an appearance there’s the flash of late summer burn, but just as easily the sun can disappear in an instant to be replaced by a cold wind and threatening clouds.  What to do? One solution are the 2-in-one coats from Arket.  Surprisingly simply yet remarkably flexible they’re an unfussy solution to an autumn – and potentially winter – dilemma.

The clever puffa-slash-underjacket comes in a choice of long sleeves…

(All pictures Arket)

Or vest.


I will be trying both the mens and the womens before making a decision.

Laters, Kate x

Retrospective Future x


Possibly lazy, perhaps ingenious but this post has been resurrected from the archives, mainly because it had a snifter of a  future zeitgeist that is getting ever stronger.  A firm favourite in the eighties, oversized cardigans are definitely claiming the spotlight this autumn..

Summer is close now and the time has come to pack away wintery things and embrace everything light and airy.  But I always think it’s interesting to see what worked this season..and what things are appealing for next.  My gut feeling for next autumn is a distinct urge to hang out with bad taste.  High on my fall wishlist is a 80’s style mohair cardigan coat..


 I want blouson sleeves, big shoulders..


And colour, lots of colour…

Laters, Kate x


Time x

And so it starts..from fancy free summer to rigour and routine with no transition, like an open door has been slammed.  Maybe that’s why this coat is so appealing – it shouts attitude, purpose and no nonsense.

Or maybe it’s that I love coats and autumn is the time when the craving is at it’s strongest?

All these are designed by Barbara Bui who combines a Parisian’s eye with a rock chick’s sass.

(All pics from Barbara Bui)

If you can’t escape, embrace.

Laters, Kate x

Crusader x


Light mood, cloudy day: The weather is still struggling to find it’s spring feet but winter wardrobes on the street are slowly transforming.  Big note to self was when I saw a girl wearing a black cape similar to this on the tube, worn casually over a chunky black knit, 3/4 length frayed black jeans and ankle boots. I’m now on the lookout for something similar, though hopefully without the £1400 Stella McCartney price tag.

340567585975855d5887323778021626 b80d0b3a9fba316bdf5b208a96d230c4

But consideration has to be given to the cut: The shoulders need to have structure, the arm hole should reach almost to the top and the length mustn’t be too short.


(Alice and Olivia, £450)



(All pics Pinterest)

The hunt is on.

Laters, Kate x

Minted x


It’s what you need when the temperature drops below freezing and the dark nights draw in…


Because Shrimps is the hot chocolate, woolly socks, slightly eccentric hygge of the winter fashion world.

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(All pics Shrimp)

Distinctive and dotty with a taste for fun, it’s a bright, cuddly light.

Laters, Kate x

Legends of the Fall x

$(KGrHqRHJFEFENDy8O5cBRGuzYFMkw~~60_12Vintage Navajo Blanket Coat

Still loving these coats so it feels apt to post about them again… x

I’ve always found it a little bit distressing that just as the summer hits a decent stride thoughts start turning to autumn (mine included).  For us in Northern Europe there’s a gradual accumulation of layers and making sure shoes don’t leak (hashtag cold feet)..140

So how do you choose your Fall wardrobe? Worn on a piece of chewed up paper? Filling in the gaps of what has died? Or do you have a carefully sifted gallery of designer offerings from which to hitch your aspirations to?

For me it’s a sifting of the mental margin notes of anything that has fluttered my heart during the year and then trying to find them or their equivalents…and the pictures of snowy NY Fashion Week still play in my mind.  I loved the blankets worn as scarves, the capes over coats but belted at the waist..everything felt warm, practical but with an unexpected added artisanal chic.

Which triggered, I suspect a sense of strong desire when I first found all these pictures of vintage Navajo blanket coats on Ebay last February? Anyway..some time ago and I fell in lust…


Classic with a kick.

$T2eC16ZHJFoE9nh6pN!fBRLCLvBH2!~~60_57 A foxtrot at a bohemian campfire.

$T2eC16RHJGoE9nuQfSSmBRLCLki4ig~~60_57But maybe there’s not the same appeal for blanket coats across the pond? Maybe they’re a little bit passe…I just don’t know…maybe for you it’s the equivalent of Laura Ashley and bad tweed for us??

DSC02125_zpsfd630323 But I had to get me a piece..and this one is MINE!

DSC02126_zpsde1a1ba2I’m very ready to make a winter statement..coats are very special…but how many can you actually ride into the sunset?

Laters, Kate x