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Finery London x


There’s a new label on the cyber-street..Finery London, led by Caren Downe who’s high street pedigree and gene pool includes buying director at Top Shop and ASOS.



She left ASOS disillusioned with the emphasis on commerciality rather than creativity…and has returned to fill what she sees as the glaring gap in the market: Women that know their style and want something more considered in the £40 – £250 price bracket, that magical hybrid of excellent design and affordable prices – and she’s certainly talking my language…



It’s a range cleverly jigsawed together – there’s a sense of calm and knowing, rare in the heart of the retail storm, with warm, welcoming air that gently blows you across the threshold..

look1_0140_V1 Inglewood-Shoes-Nude-2003SS1512-01

The shoes are incredible..

Bennet-Jogger-Black-1803SS150901 Bayer-Culotte-Ivory-1806SS1509-01

With a rich current of ideas running under simple shapes, that cunning mixture of cool statements and strong balls.

Allcroft-Shoes-Black-White-2003SS1510-01 Marsden-Jumpsuit-Green-1206RE1509-WithBelt-Front

Forensically clear with a sense of attentive stillness, but still authentic and heartfelt..I’ll be following this story with interest..


Laters, Kate x


Food for Thought..


Much of the work of Marques’Almeida nibbles on an old drumstick: Denim – which doesn’t stop it being the sartorial rage of the moment..


It plays to that thrilling duality of grunge and deconstruction meeting designer brand.


But this denim is smarter, sharper… fruitier..


Straight talking boxy shapes that still hold a seductive allure.


And if you didn’t know already, they’re doing a collab with Top Shop on the 10 November..one for the diary..


(All photos from Style.com)

Check out those sleeves – It may be a drumstick – but it’s a top of the range organic one cooked sublimely in a heavenly sauce by a caring Michelin starred chef..

Laters, Kate x

Which Length?


Culottes by Givenchy..long, strong and structured..but too much of a cropped trouser?


(Photo from Elle.com)

Or these (from ASOS) – the midi long, showing a bit more than just ankle..note the turn up.


Then there’s the short style..cut just below the knee in a looser style (these are by ASOS)


Or the structured short by Top Shop..


Ms. Beckham offers yet another alternative…the cropped, tapered fit..

I’m confused! Which one and why?

Laters, Kate x