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Padded Cell.. x


Sometimes I wonder if my coat obsession is a bit like a whining cry of entitlement, endlessly wanting it all.  The Husband is certainly worried – he now wants one coat in, one coat out..which seems eminently sensible..but it nags away at me.  I just think we spend a lot more time in coats – particularly in the UK – than we ever give them credit for. They can be the ultimate style statement of an outfit.


The latest flame for my moth is the quilted coat.  I’ve been looking for the perfect one for sometime and was even considering buying an indian kantha quilt to make into the ideal article.  How ironic then to see Burberry Porsum with the same idea..


(Although I know which option will be cheaper..)


And then there’s the smoking jacket, once the sole preserve of men and now fair game for all with their jewel-like colours radiating magpie charm. How cool with the cropped trousers and no-nonsense footwear?


Or else there’s the Japanese option, particularly the winter quilted kimono jackets to love and wear..imagine with a pair of dark navy flares and a casually worn cross-body fringe bag..and the majority of these are reversible: Two for the price of one! Bargain!

The truth is how can one be limited in a world of endless possibilities??


Laters, Kate x


Extra Ordinary x


Burberry Prorsum Pre-fall 2015 is a long way from scuttlebutt rumours and diva strops.  It’s classy, simple, elegant dressing with just a whiff of urban street..


There’s a forensically clear silhouettes – skinny legs, ankle boots and big layers that we can all believe in..


The coats are particularly simple and absolutely lustworthy – but there are no surprises, no attempts to gnaw at anything primal..


( All pictures from Style.com)

Just effortlessly produced wardrobe staples you’d want to wear forever…the spice is up to you to add…


Laters, Kate x

Bohemian Rhapsody x


(Isabel Marrant – Shannon jacquard knit wool blend poncho)

Think boho and immediately summer and freedom spring to mind.  But there’s a seasonal boho too that captures the warmth of open fires, fallen leaves and crisp mornings..


(Emilio Pucci – fringe jacquard knit turtleneck cape)

Poise, power and grace..the colours and textures inform the story: an inspired heritage of folk songs, earthy cowboys and fantasy indians all creatively mixed up with a little bit of Mexico and South America..


(Emilio Pucci – embellished flocked twill jacket)


(Burberry Porsum – Intarsia knitted blanket coat)


(Isabel Marrant – Adil hooded striped blanket coat)


(Burberry Porsum – Wool blend tapestry boots)

Twinkle toes for the closing in nights..


(Nicholas Kirkwood & Peter Pilotto leather and suede pumps)

There’s a whispered joy in watching the leaves dance whilst being snuggled up and letting the world walk on by..

Laters, Kate x

Monochrome Magic x



There’s something about a black and white striped pencil skirt (This one from Burberry Porsum)



But then it doesn’t look bad in blue and blue either….



Laters, Kate x