What would I have chosen for the Oscars….?

It is true, I was so disappointed by the beautiful and the burnt-out’s offerings at the Oscars (see previous post way down there somewhere). I just got the feeling that everyone was  trying so hard that those who were actually wearing the clothes – their personalities/likes/dislikes  – became secondary to what everyone else wanted them to be.. all the vibrancy, differences and extremes were lost in translation and distilled into something weak, insipid and general.

But one can’t throw stones unless one is prepared to build a green house…so I present the following as a collection of gorgeousness that I would have happily died and gone to heaven in…first up is some vintage  – because they knew how to dress for events then:


Vera Wang Green silk Deco style gown – An utter goddess dress, dripping with sensuality and movement like Aphrodite from the – well, forest! Pure lush decadence.


Christian Dior – showing how simple can be effective – check out the buttons up the side.  Ethereal simplicity.


Alexander Mcqueen violet gown – despotic tyranny – imagine on a red head…knock-out.


Emelio Pucci silk chiffon gown with golden chain trim – exquisite, you can feel the edges tenderly catching in the breeze.


Vintage Halson.  A grecian beauty. Easy to dess up with a shit-hot cuff bracelet and awsome vintage jewellery – see below.


Something a bit different: Pauline trigere Starlet Gown with gold lame piping and bow..sculptural walking art.  Anna wants to wear this one – should I let her?!

XXX_209_1344824570_1A Bill Blass black blouson gown with lace sleeves because you don’t always have to have tight fitting dresses. Honest.


Roberto Cavalli draped gown oozing with salaciousness like melted chocolate on a hot day..


Alexander Mcqueen for Louche elegance.


Or maybe something short in this 50s Saks Fifth Avenue Keyhole illusion (the back is a large open circle) Net floral party dress with a pair of vertiginous heels?


A 70s Radley – effortless cool with lyrical lines. Love, love, love.

images Ossie Clark because he knew how to design for women, because he is an icon of mine and because he could do print as well.  Mesmerising.  Check out those sleeves. Delish.


For modern:

ZACPOSEN_010_1366.683x1024Zac Posen pre-fall 2013, courtesy of style.com…a apocalyptic dress of drama and warfare.  be brave and flaunt it.

01-Jessica-Chastain-oscars-red-carpet-runway-h724Or modern simplicity in this 2013 pre-fall Stella McCartney. it works.


Or 2 queens from Alexander McQueen – the Ice Queen with glacial wonder from pre-fall 2013 courtesy of style.com


Or the evil queen…vampirical and alluring. (courtesy of style.com)


And then I found these Elie Saab dresses…pre-fall 2013, courtesy of style.com – where were they? deceptively simple and gracious on the eye. Edible..eliesaab_020_1366.683x1024

And this Elie Saab.. a great pop of colour..

And this one…eliesaab_037_1366.683x1024

And this one…eliesaab_038_1366.683x1024A final stunning Elie Saab to take your breath away.

All set off with some vintage bling:

XXX_46_1317065903_1 XXX_51_1350415535_1 XXX_74_1359155221_1 XXX_337_1350357679_1

Any chances next year will be better?

There are times when I wish I could grow wings..

laters, Kate x


      • JulietS

        sS difficult to pick a favourite out of all these pretties! I think I’d go for the Ice Queen look by Alexander McQueen, it reminds me of the White Queen in Alice in the Wonderland – simply stands out from the crowd!

      • MasonBentley

        Reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow’s of last year which was stunning (not entirely sure whether link worked – bit of a novice at that!). I am loving the cape action – and loving the capes in this years winter street style. For me, it would be the yellow Ossie Clark..I lust after his ability to make a long sleeved flowing dress sexy..can see Angeline Jolie as the black queen…scary.

      • JulietS

        The print on the Ossie Clark dress is simply stunning but I won’t be able to carry it as I’m way too petite , I’ll look like a little dwarf in it haha! That link doesn’t work but I can totally see how it’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s style!

      • MasonBentley

        Love the printed ossie – but actually pulled to the yellow Ossie above? Yellow obviously has my name on it this year! Hope the weather is better where you are x

    • MasonBentley

      It was a joy choosing a selection…I did wonder if the a-listers got mindblown with the amount of choice…not that I would have found that a problem!.. xxx

  1. itwasjudith

    THAT green dress and the evil queen are just incredible!
    I have a huge crash on that shade of green.. just got myself some hand-dyed yarns in the colour 🙂