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The fickle winds of fashion never stop blowing raspberries; Not long ago I was reading about the terminal death of the short-sleeved jacket and I remember thinking the very act of writing those words was probably like a summoning of the phoenix from the ashes, because the thing about hates is that they have a tendency to come around again….and just a little change can make a radical shift in emphasis.

(All pics Pinterest)

Never say never.

Laters, Kate x

Kick Start x


It’s that time of year again to slap on the glitz and layer on the lippy…except it’s never really like that.  It’s more like normal clothes with a touch of fairy dust.


So far better to get the staples right..and MiH are having a sale right now

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Laters, Kate x

Timeless x


The AW15 lookbook for MiH fell into my inbox yesterday.  WHAT??


…Does that mean summer’s been and gone??


And nobody told me?


If so I’m perilously close to tears..

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There’s enough time slipping away without anyone else turning the speed-up dial.

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Honestly, halt with the Christmas lists already.


I just want to enjoy my pina colada on the beach.

Laters, Kate x

Delicious Denim x


Delicious denim is having it’s moment and even the classic jacket is being taken for a creative ride…say hello to Sibling bling..


Acne (still such a dodgy name..) boggles with toggles.bead6160b5332bc11c90b41613bd0806

Preen explores the bomber…


and the traditional.


(All jackets and photos from Net-a-porter.com)

Whilst Maison Margela wants you to pay for deconstruction..

Which one floats your boat? Or will Levi’s classic always have that place in your heart?

Laters, Kate x

Hey, Goodlooking..


Chloe SS15: If the seventies are being re-invented for Summer 2015, then the detail is in the pockets..large, luscious and lovely..


Groovy threads to hang loose and take you to the maxi..


 Far out ‘n’ foxy..


Dream on, cool beans with peace, love and harmony..


Catch you on the flipside for a boogie..

Laters, Kate x

Tinker, Tailor..



A piece of denim with a kick and a wink..


By Sibling and currently reduced from £270 to £108..


The irony is in the puffed sleeves: Incredible how short sleeved jackets, once such a fashion faux-pas are worming their way back into the subconscious..


The heady joy is in the detail..

Laters, Kate x

AG for Alexa..


Alexa Chung has made her first foray into serious fashion by designing a 20 piece collection for the Californian label AG. It’s a career she’s always dressed for – but is being famous enough?



My expectations were high..I wanted frank and forthright with a street awareness…and a determination to do her own thing, all delivered with a kick and a wink..


Well..I like the buttons.  But if this really is a throw back collection honouring the late sixties and seventies, I’d have preferred them in brass..


You could say it’s nice and polite..which would be polite..


Or you could say this looks like something you could stumble into on a rack in the deepest, darkest depths of Marks and Sparks..not even Per Una label..

P00131094-Poppy-denim-shirt-BUNDLE_1 P00131091-The-Perfect-Tee-t-shirt-BUNDLE_1

And if you said this was from Gap, I would believe you.

Tame and lacking flair..the collection is like going to taste a beautiful rich merlot..and finding it’s slightly warm water from a plastic cup instead. There’s going to be a lot of seriously good denim this year – Sonya Rykiel and Gucci being just two casing points.  In comparison, this collection falls way off the mark.  It will sell out..but that says more about our society than good design…

Laters, Kate x

Dancing Queen x


There’s a theme emerging: Timelessness is now, meaning pick something from the seventies..and it will immediately look cool and new..


Saddle bags (referring to handbags..), flares, midi denim skirts, large sunnies, colour and wacky print..it’s a heady combination..


And Gucci – a stalwart of the fashion world, but not a label that hits the hip headlines – has captured the look to perfection..


Beautiful, strange and compelling..


 But already feels familiar..


With a little touch of acid..


(All photos Gucci)

Makes we want to hit the nearest vintage shop. Pronto.

Laters, Kate x

Mih – Damn Fine x



There’s a great sale on at MiH with some damn fine denim…I went for a pair of Marrakesh flares reduced from £174 to £52.20, they arrived true to size, beautiful fit with suede soft denim with just enough elastic for a good cling – what’s more, even though they were a sale item, they arrived with a gift of a midnight blue canvas tote bag with silver..I’d show you a picture ‘cept Bella’s already run away with it.  Top Marks.




Laters, Kate x

Food for Thought..


Much of the work of Marques’Almeida nibbles on an old drumstick: Denim – which doesn’t stop it being the sartorial rage of the moment..


It plays to that thrilling duality of grunge and deconstruction meeting designer brand.


But this denim is smarter, sharper… fruitier..


Straight talking boxy shapes that still hold a seductive allure.


And if you didn’t know already, they’re doing a collab with Top Shop on the 10 November..one for the diary..


(All photos from Style.com)

Check out those sleeves – It may be a drumstick – but it’s a top of the range organic one cooked sublimely in a heavenly sauce by a caring Michelin starred chef..

Laters, Kate x