The Hall x


Time to decide which wallpaper makes the cut for the hall which is a bit like going into Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory and just choosing one ickle bickle flavour.  How do you pick?

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It will be William Morris because he is my interior design hero and God.  But that hardly narrows the field down.

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I’ve discarded some of the darker patterns, just because I’m going darker…on the dado and skirting boards..and in the kitchen..and sitting room..and cinema room..hey ho – just call my home a cave..

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I’m thinking this one – Arbutus – could be it…There’s something about the 3D effect of the leaves and their blue/grey colour..


Decisions, decisions…

Laters, Kate x


  1. MELewis

    They all look lovely but I am partial to the softer print of the first pic. Of course it’s so much work to redecorate the only thing that counts is the one you will be happiest with longest!

  2. Chas Spain

    OK this is strange because I was waiting for the train tonight and there was a well rounded red flower on the waiting room floor. It looked so out of place and out of season here – the weather blowing hot and cold as it is. Anyway I realise that there are arbutus (strawberry) trees fruiting around here at the moment and no doubt a little person had picked up the fruit on their journey.
    Look forward to seeing the result of your hard work ahead. Must admit to also loving the blue on blue wallpaper.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      How lovely..a little gift. I must find out what a arbutus tree really looks like..I love the fact they’re known as strawberry trees as well..I have a feeling there may be one in the next street that I’ve always admired, particularly at this time of year… xxx

  3. fabrickated

    I like the arbutus best because I love the colours and as you have shown a deeper grey complements it beautifully, also giving you the chance to do something red or corally. Super. Go dark – I really think it will be so inviting and modern.

  4. atkokosplace

    It’s difficult for me to decide, which is why I stick with paint. I can’t change my mind much easier! I have gone darker in some rooms. Dark gray to be exact. I even painted my kitchen a dark gray and I love it. My trim is a bright white so the contrast is strong and to me, beautiful!. I like the last wall paper you’ve chosen too! I’m sure your room will come together beautifully! 🙂