Savvy Sonya..


Julie de Libran, the relatively new Designer at Sonya Rykiel has come up with some glorious and gutsy vocals for her 2015 Pre-fall Collection, including a masterclass in how to wear flares..


The proportions are magnificent, with classic details on sleeve lengths, cuffs and pockets.


She imbues the most mundane textures with emotion.


This clash of cobalt and animal mixed with the perfect updated boot and a flash of patterned tight..


(All photos

A classy act from a Designer one step ahead of perceptions and preconceptions.

You can hear it glow.

Laters, Kate x


  1. thegentlemanfarmer

    Dearest Kate
    For me, I love that kind of sixties/seventies fashion meld with a bit of rock star chick sensibility thrown in for good effect. How in the world can a guy pull that kind of stuff off? You ladies have all the luck…

  2. dievca

    Fabulous! Those high-waisted jeans with the buttons can pull that tummy in pronto! I’ll be looking and longing for many of these pieces — hmm, what will fit short and curvy? I think I can get pieces to work!

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