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Jennifer Fisher x

Like the lights, Jennifer Fisher’s jewellery first caught the eye because of it’s soft detailing and gently rolling inspiration. Simple but substantial.

But it was her charms that really caught the eye: fun, rocking icons of joy.

They’re on the lust list for when my boat comes in.

Laters, Kate x

6 Facts…


1. It’s warm enough in London to wear shoes without socks but that doesn’t stop me looking at winter coats and dreaming.


1. I received a beautiful vintage tea-towel in the post today.  More info and pics to follow, but thank you Kerry!


3. We have no toilet.

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4. Charlie is making paper decorations as I type…but only if I tell him he’s the best cutter in the world. On a regular basis.


5. We’re going to my mother’s for lunch..and to use the facilities..


6. If you’re lucky enough to have any flex in your Christmas budget, Net-a-porter (where all these coats are from) is having the most amazing 50% off sale.  Almost makes the prices human…


Laters, Kate x

Hot to trot..


If I had the bucks to blow on a bonny beach bag, Sophie Anderson would be my label of lust.


Full of easy wear, just don’t care boho charm.


Just enough space for the Missoni towel, ray bans and that little bit of  x factor…add920ba1db357583569d532c339ce88So good..why just limit it to the beach?

Laters, Kate x

Sun Rocking..


If you’re wanting to uncover your inner Bond girl this summer, Australian label Duskii – designed for swimmers, surfers, divers, sailors and beautiful beach babes – maybe just the one for you..


(This style plus others are on sale NOW at Net-a-porter..)

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(Unfortunately the perfectly pert buttocks aren’t included)


If you’re liking the neoprene look but not the designer price tag, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel with southbeachofficial.com and their range of bikinis.c523428c916caffc41d04e7b05d73ab9 a78b30e2918ca410cfe792554253d435

They’re not in the same league, but at £28 for a set…it’s hard to go wrong.

If you’ve got it.  Flaunt it.

Laters, Kate x


Life’s a Beach.. x


My personal crush with Lisa Marie Fernandez started last year with her delicious towelling cover-ups.  This season she doesn’t disappoint…easy, breezy summer dresses with perfect proportions and edible edging.

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There’s more cheeky towelling..



(All Lisa Marie Fernandez pictures from Matches and Net-a-porter)

And the cutest bikini ever..Fernandez manages to walk that sophisticated but essential line between utilitarian and chic…in a fabulous pair of gladiators with no sign of foot-slap or lace louche…

original_Hooded Beach Robes

I still love the whole idea of towelling as summer clothes.  Why isn’t it more popular? It’s the summer beach dress that’s missing from my wardrobe..that sense of something warm and cuddly to throw on when you’re trying to eek out the last few hours of a perfect summers day, that magical time the dusk starts to draw in and shadows lengthen and a g’n’t tastes especially good..I’ve looked for cheaper brands but there’s very little..unless you’re a child…never thought I’d be jealous of childrens’ clothes…but take away the polka dots and I am.

This is the second year I’ve lusted after the impossible, so this time I have a cunning and devious plan because where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Watch this space..

Laters, Kate x

Tinker, Tailor..



A piece of denim with a kick and a wink..


By Sibling and currently reduced from £270 to £108..


The irony is in the puffed sleeves: Incredible how short sleeved jackets, once such a fashion faux-pas are worming their way back into the subconscious..


The heady joy is in the detail..

Laters, Kate x

Vogue Festival 2013

IMG_1946Yesterday Anna and I slapped on the lippy, added  a little MasonBentley number, clicked our heels and headed off to the Vogue Festival at the South Bank to hear the e-commerce oracle Natalie Massenet give a talk.

IMG_1938 IMG_1935 IMG_1934IMG_1927IMG_1939 IMG_1940 IMG_1933 IMG_1931 IMG_1929 IMG_1926Loved the fact that the ad girls that I adore from Bottega Veneta were on the other side of the glass…their beauty was still illuminating..


Impressions? I have never been in such a large group of people where fashion was an over-riding obsession, it created a touchable energy I wished I could bottle.  In fact it would be easy to intimidated – I know I used to worry much more about failure – and maybe it’s one of the joys of growing older that you can to stand back, observe and place feelings within context from the memory bank.

It struck me – and I have to be honest here – that there was the lack of heart stopping visions of fashion that really floated my boat.  Everyone was all very very – there was neon, there was sheer, there was monochrome, there were see-through clutches..but surely if it’s been labelled a ‘trend’ you are following fashion rather than creating it?

For me great fashion has always had that element of unattainability – all precision cut, impeccably crafted, rich visual rewards with cleverness and innovation, Glamour, mystique and cool sophistication, beautifully crafted visions of perfection.  But I did’t see that..instead I saw the need for celebrity spread across clothes like landing beacons for transient moments of limelight and a little bit of me wanted to grow wings and fly away.

Maybe the fashion I lust after is elitist which is why it’s been sidelined to a corner? Maybe fast fashion, bright colours and basic material is the only way? We had hoped that Anna might get ‘papped’ in our Valentina dress..I still believe that quality shines. But it was disappointing when we saw that the only outfits being noticed were the most extreme…the towering platform heels, the tiny skirts, the bling…do they really represent what women want to wear? what makes them comfortable? cool? It feels very wrong when we don’t like good any more…that we don’t hold it in esteem.

The talk was great – I would give my eye-teeth to have a two-to-one with Natalie Massenet..if you want to see it for your self all her slides are available on Instagram at @nataporter_mystorysofar.  A huge amount of what she said completely resonated with us and our vision for the future.  We were inspired.

Then, on the way out..’Madame..Can we take your picture?’…Only USA Vogue!

As Steve Martin said…be so good they can’t ignore you…

IMG_1944Laters, Kate x