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Vintage Classic Car Boot x


If at heart you’re an emotional scientist when it comes to clothes, you’ll find it harder than the coating of Apollo 13 to resist the temptation of a vintage car boot..


The South Bank Vintage Classic Car Boot took place this weekend in London and was the bright, sunlit intermission on a rather cold, grey, damp couple of days.  It’s a wicked combination of vintage cars..and everything else besides..go for a wander..go for a rummage..you never know what delights you’ll find..

One of which was Julie from Vintageattitude with her own stall! She always has such inventive, creative offerings..dog coats on the table (check out that tablecloth!), pom pom lampshades..and my personal favourite..hanging at the back..summer jackets made from vintage tableclothes..genius.


(A close up of her rather fabulous skirt. So true…I love her style.)

IMG_1017 IMG_1021 IMG_1022


I want this fridge..

IMG_1028 IMG_1031 IMG_1033 IMG_1036 IMG_1035

This is the poshest buggy I have ever seen..it converts into a tricycle when the baby converts to a toddler..and then hopefully a little hatchback..and then maybe a small maisonette??

IMG_1037 IMG_1039 IMG_1043 IMG_1042

This guys coat was made from a GI bag..Buster’s pretty cool too..


Such joy…I often feel that modern offerings are just the plastic parody of the past – it’s so much better to liberate the originals and I came away with bulging bags..but more on that in another post..

Laters, Kate x

Dancing Queen x


There’s a theme emerging: Timelessness is now, meaning pick something from the seventies..and it will immediately look cool and new..


Saddle bags (referring to handbags..), flares, midi denim skirts, large sunnies, colour and wacky print..it’s a heady combination..


And Gucci – a stalwart of the fashion world, but not a label that hits the hip headlines – has captured the look to perfection..


Beautiful, strange and compelling..


 But already feels familiar..


With a little touch of acid..


(All photos Gucci)

Makes we want to hit the nearest vintage shop. Pronto.

Laters, Kate x

Savvy Sonya..


Julie de Libran, the relatively new Designer at Sonya Rykiel has come up with some glorious and gutsy vocals for her 2015 Pre-fall Collection, including a masterclass in how to wear flares..


The proportions are magnificent, with classic details on sleeve lengths, cuffs and pockets.


She imbues the most mundane textures with emotion.


This clash of cobalt and animal mixed with the perfect updated boot and a flash of patterned tight..


(All photos Style.com)

A classy act from a Designer one step ahead of perceptions and preconceptions.

You can hear it glow.

Laters, Kate x

Mih – Damn Fine x



There’s a great sale on at MiH with some damn fine denim…I went for a pair of Marrakesh flares reduced from £174 to £52.20, they arrived true to size, beautiful fit with suede soft denim with just enough elastic for a good cling – what’s more, even though they were a sale item, they arrived with a gift of a midnight blue canvas tote bag with silver..I’d show you a picture ‘cept Bella’s already run away with it.  Top Marks.




Laters, Kate x

And the livin’ is easy x


The beautiful wrought-iron gates of summer, with their warm, lilting voice are slowing swinging open.  I can no longer bear to wear socks, but I’m still shocked my feet can blister each year.


MiH Jeans have captured that mysterious, lazy time where clouds disappear, clocks stand still and insects quietly buzz.


 Where clothes are worn for nostalgia, comfort and love.  And yet you look your best.


Loose, casual layers, ready to be peeled away as the heat rises.  Or returned, when the sun sinks slowly away.  Cosying up to glowing fires and the rich smell of smoke whilst holding a glass of something wonderful.


 Do I want to be there?



The answer, my friend, is Blowin’ in the wind…It’s gently blowin’ in the warm, sultry wind.

Dreaming, Kate x




Style Edit: Flares

I think I may be moving inspirationally backwards when searching for a point of brilliance in the hunt for my spring/summer wardrobe…the siren voice of the 70s is singing my name…I feel I know want..but whether I can find it will be something else entirely…


The truth is I am in love with wide trousers – the long triangle of silhouette making everything waist-wise look minuscule then set off with a small contrasting jacket..and those big sunnies…and a  casual, but quietly expensive slung bag..sigh.


I am drawn to the proper flare/bell bottoms  – and this is the perfect summer picture of desire – the way her trousers are deliciously skimming-the-ground-long and completely covering her shoes – which are probably a pair of wonderful Longchamp wedges subtly adding to height and length.  Who can’t love that?

images-28 images-7

The summer would be so effortless –  peasant blouses and louche, artistic tops…


GetAttachment-138.aspximages-51 It’s a good job that the louche, artistic top is a bit of a MasonBentley speciality…the final samples are being made as I type and proper photos will follow at some point…but to give you a taster, here is Anna modelling some of our new designs…


Gorgeous eh?