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6 Facts…


1. It’s warm enough in London to wear shoes without socks but that doesn’t stop me looking at winter coats and dreaming.


1. I received a beautiful vintage tea-towel in the post today.  More info and pics to follow, but thank you Kerry!


3. We have no toilet.

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4. Charlie is making paper decorations as I type…but only if I tell him he’s the best cutter in the world. On a regular basis.


5. We’re going to my mother’s for lunch..and to use the facilities..


6. If you’re lucky enough to have any flex in your Christmas budget, Net-a-porter (where all these coats are from) is having the most amazing 50% off sale.  Almost makes the prices human…


Laters, Kate x

Kick Start x


It’s that time of year again to slap on the glitz and layer on the lippy…except it’s never really like that.  It’s more like normal clothes with a touch of fairy dust.


So far better to get the staples right..and MiH are having a sale right now

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Laters, Kate x

The Inbetweeners x


If we Brits are obsessed with the weather it’s with good reason: On Friday it was a barmy sixteen degrees..on Saturday, it snowed (OK it didn’t hang around but it wasn’t a figment of a vivid imagination either..) which possibly explains why we’re all so preoccupied with layers and wearing coats that remind us of beds.

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Because the quilt is having a quiet spin in the limelight, perfect as a stand alone or working it’s magic as a sartorial hot water bottle under a top coat, it’s one of those under-the-radar-winter-must-haves.


And Amsterdam based Company Scotch and Soda have some of the best…


Casual or smart.


Often reversible.


They’re adaptable, transitional and just a little bit different.


Another addition it to the winter uniform list of lust.

Laters, Kate x



There’s no way to select life with silver tongs – no matter how much you want something, it doesn’t always happen.  But you can always react to it.  For instance, the Husband’s work has been a turdstool since forever, with it being even more ridiculous in the last few months and no sign of change.  I did suggest we saw this as an opportunity to throw life on it’s head and middle-class caution to the wind and head off in a camper van to the deep, dark unknown.


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He said, ‘Seriously Kate…’

And I said,’Yes, seriously..the window of opportunity to take the kids out of school is closing and if we don’t do it soon, we might never be able to..’

‘No, I meant, seriously Kate, who’s mid-life crisis is this?’



So I haven’t got the keys to the camper van just yet, but that hasn’t stopped the constant thoughts of simplicity providing a goldfish loop of white noise in my brain space, whether it’s interiors,  clothes, people or life.


Maybe that’s why these outfits are so appealing – they’re not big, brash and laden with special effects.


(All pictures from Pinterest and Browns)

Just clear and present. Simple.

Laters, Kate x

These boots were made for walking..


If less is more and more is less, then a pair of Docs has to be a must for winter.



The do-anything-go-anywhere-shoe that can actually take a pounding and, like the best things in life, get better with age.

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That’s one part of the winter uniform ticked off then..

Laters, Kate x

Pretty in Pink x


The perfect pick for the party season? These sparkling whimsical wonders from Miu Miu are singing a siren song with their golden glitter and bubble gum buttons.

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Pointy toes and block heels..they make you hungry for cocktails and painting the town in Christmas colours.

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A clever girl knows never to run for a bus , but for these girls I’m prepared for an aggressive power walk.


Laters, Kate x


Uber Uterque x


If I have a complaint against the modern life it’s the way technology has made the world spin faster, shrink smaller and generalise everything.  Which is why one should dismiss Uterque with a simple flick of a hand: It’s part of the Spanish-rule-the-world Inditex which has chains such as Zara and Pull and Bear in it’s growing claws.  Except I like it.

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There’s sleek separates, a touch of artisanal cool and even the trend pieces of the season look fresh and modern.

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Of course it helps if Caroline de Maigret is your muse.

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It’s a salient lesson in not throwing the babes out with the bathwater.

Laters, Kate x

Gestuz x


With that something just a little bit special, Gestuz are like an upper class, rich woman’s Zara whilst still remaining within the realms of affordability.


Masters of the clean, cool, contemporary, classic with their pared down, intelligent designs.

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Effortlessly creating the wardrobe staples of the future.


I want.

Laters, Kate x

All Wrapped Up x


The mornings are cold now inLondon with a real nip in the air, but come mid-morning and the sun (long may it last) is shining and the temperature picks up.  It’s the perfect weather for scarves, which is lucky because this year there seems to be a bumper crop of styles and styling options…there’s the classic navy, a timeless wardrobe staple. Safety has it’s chic place..


Or add a bit of drama with this belted fur option from Marni.


The Burberry blanket is still having it’s moment.


Or your could opt for the scarf that thinks it’s a cape.


A blast from the past, eponymous with the eighties, this scarf is back…with added fringe benefits.


Or maybe it’s the longer wrap that has you tied up.


Is it a jumper or is it a poncho? Or is it something to fling on as you run out the door.


(All pics from

Or pay homage to the Hunger Games with this interesting knitted number from Stella Mcartney.

The choice is yours.

Laters, Kate x

Stills x


Sometimes it’s the smaller, not-shouty labels that really capture the mood of a season.


Like Dutch label Stills with it’s dedication to craftsmanship, colour and the luxury of contrasts.

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There’s volume and artful layers all contained within modern, minimalist lines.

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Definitely one to look out for.

Laters, Kate x