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Best of the Baftas..


Top prize: Emily Blunt in McQueen. Does everything a great dress should – of particular note are those clever shoulders and beautiful embroidery – not too much, but just enough.


Close second: Hannah Bagshaw with husband, also in McQueen…could there be a theme?


Taylor Hill scores points for vintage Hollywood glamour.


Daisy Ridley: A winner for not taking it too seriously.


Isabelle Huppert in Chloe: Those sleeves and sheer elegance.


Penelope Cruz: For shaking it up.


(All pictures Pinterest)

Anya Taylor Joy in Gucci: Because it shouldn’t work, but it does.

Roll on the Oscars hey. And the odd dead swan.

Laters, Kate x

Chloe x


Chloe fall 2015 delves into the deep satisfaction of beautiful tailoring and boho chic.  This coat: I lust.  The soft retro cut, the wide lapels, the longer arms, the burnished brass buttons, the subtle height on the shoulders..the length (a pain to walk in, but oh-so elegant to see).  Simple, exclusive, fashion gold.

02-chloe 04-chloe

It’s 70’s but it’s cultured 70’s – the tiny covered buttons, the thin neck scar..it’s elegant campari drinking on a balcony in Italy rather than bronzed beach babe with a bottle of beer.



There were dresses for the barefoot comtessas.


But my heart was beating for the tailoring: I could’ve easily eaten more and felt disappointed every time the music stopped.


But when you see Chloe and Burberry plundering the same creative vein, you know there’s something in the air: patchwork and ponchos are obviously the mind-candy of the moment.

27-chloe 35-chloe

The boho vibe is strong between them: But I still think it’s the cuts and tailoring where the true riches lie.

Laters, Kate x

Hey, Goodlooking..


Chloe SS15: If the seventies are being re-invented for Summer 2015, then the detail is in the pockets..large, luscious and lovely..


Groovy threads to hang loose and take you to the maxi..


 Far out ‘n’ foxy..


Dream on, cool beans with peace, love and harmony..


Catch you on the flipside for a boogie..

Laters, Kate x

Winter is Coming..


I freely admit I am behind the curve on the whole Game  of Thrones phenomena.  Forsooth, I only devoured my first box set after New Year..but I’m learning fast.  The obessesion has bitten and Season 2 is already underway – of course the joy of coming late to the party? There’s no horrible wait for next Seasons to start (yet)..they’re all lined up like the most delectable dishes at a banquet.  But it’s not only the storyline, I’m also smitten by the fashions..and it’s the men’s rather than the ladies: The leather, the studding, the macho winter layering and enormous shaggy shoulders.  I lust.  A little bit of searching revealed that Helmut Lang’s 2012 Fall Collection was inspired by the series.  And how very very appropriate it looks as the Polar Vortex attempts to do it’s worst.  I’d bet good gold that that sheepskin coat above would be ready to fight beside any wolf in a storm…

00030fullscreen 00040fullscreen 00080fullscreen 00100fullscreen


(A touch of the Katniss Everdeens? I wonder what came first?)




And then there’s Chloe Pre-fall 2014, showing that layering can be warm, furry and coloured. Might need a pair of woolly tights though..

Chloe_012_1366.683x1024 Chloe_008_1366.683x1024 Chloe_027_1366.683x1024 Chloe_026_1366.683x1024

For this night..and all nights to come..

Laters, Kate x