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And the livin’ is easy x


The beautiful wrought-iron gates of summer, with their warm, lilting voice are slowing swinging open.  I can no longer bear to wear socks, but I’m still shocked my feet can blister each year.


MiH Jeans have captured that mysterious, lazy time where clouds disappear, clocks stand still and insects quietly buzz.


 Where clothes are worn for nostalgia, comfort and love.  And yet you look your best.


Loose, casual layers, ready to be peeled away as the heat rises.  Or returned, when the sun sinks slowly away.  Cosying up to glowing fires and the rich smell of smoke whilst holding a glass of something wonderful.


 Do I want to be there?



The answer, my friend, is Blowin’ in the wind…It’s gently blowin’ in the warm, sultry wind.

Dreaming, Kate x