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Crusader x


Light mood, cloudy day: The weather is still struggling to find it’s spring feet but winter wardrobes on the street are slowly transforming.  Big note to self was when I saw a girl wearing a black cape similar to this on the tube, worn casually over a chunky black knit, 3/4 length frayed black jeans and ankle boots. I’m now on the lookout for something similar, though hopefully without the £1400 Stella McCartney price tag.

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But consideration has to be given to the cut: The shoulders need to have structure, the arm hole should reach almost to the top and the length mustn’t be too short.


(Alice and Olivia, £450)



(All pics Pinterest)

The hunt is on.

Laters, Kate x

Tinker, Tailor..



A piece of denim with a kick and a wink..


By Sibling and currently reduced from £270 to £108..


The irony is in the puffed sleeves: Incredible how short sleeved jackets, once such a fashion faux-pas are worming their way back into the subconscious..


The heady joy is in the detail..

Laters, Kate x