Turning to the Dark side..


Now to decide on the colourways for the hall.  This isn’t my hall, just a picture for inspiration, but I know I want the woodwork to be dark, virtually black, except how far do you go? The newel post in this picture is epic, but I can’t help feel they missed a trick not painting everything that dramatic thundercloud grey up to and including the dado. Does that mean below the dado has to be dark as well? The radiator cabinet? It’s a dilemma..


Although having it dark certainly makes wallpaper pop.


And wallpaper is a cert.  William Morris if I have my way, but not this one, though the black wood looks magnificent against it.


A dark top half which directs the eye beautifully to the bamboo paper at the back. But it’s not what I want.


Dark all the way..tempting, except it’s leading into a dark room..


This is the closest picture to reality…and it’s got to be black all the way, up to and including the dado.

Decision made. Now to choose the wallpaper..

Laters, Kate x


  1. fabrickated

    I would never have thought of this (we are building a modern house) but I love it in older houses. Have you been to see the Handel house in London – it’s painted in deep Georgian colours throughout?