AG for Alexa..


Alexa Chung has made her first foray into serious fashion by designing a 20 piece collection for the Californian label AG. It’s a career she’s always dressed for – but is being famous enough?



My expectations were high..I wanted frank and forthright with a street awareness…and a determination to do her own thing, all delivered with a kick and a wink..


Well..I like the buttons.  But if this really is a throw back collection honouring the late sixties and seventies, I’d have preferred them in brass..


You could say it’s nice and polite..which would be polite..


Or you could say this looks like something you could stumble into on a rack in the deepest, darkest depths of Marks and Sparks..not even Per Una label..

P00131094-Poppy-denim-shirt-BUNDLE_1 P00131091-The-Perfect-Tee-t-shirt-BUNDLE_1

And if you said this was from Gap, I would believe you.

Tame and lacking flair..the collection is like going to taste a beautiful rich merlot..and finding it’s slightly warm water from a plastic cup instead. There’s going to be a lot of seriously good denim this year – Sonya Rykiel and Gucci being just two casing points.  In comparison, this collection falls way off the mark.  It will sell out..but that says more about our society than good design…

Laters, Kate x


  1. mrsjamesbarry

    Ugh! She has played it dull. The floral denim is depressing, very American Mom on her way to little league. It’s dated in a bad way. It should and could have been so covetable. My money is safe!

  2. thegentlemanfarmer

    Dear Kate
    Can I steal your “rich merlot” line? I promise to give properly all credit where it’s due. I find the examples in your photo essay perfectly acceptable, perfectly safe, and perfectly boring…

  3. delightfullypeculiar

    I agree on the sell out part, it is sad. I like the clothes, except for the M&S jacket, but there’s nothing exceptional about them. With some quality denim I could make them in my sewing room haha!! I’m a big fun of brass too!!