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Blues and Twos x


 E.L.V. Denim is a brand that demands a closer look: Their USP are sustainable jeans made from two pairs of vintage jeans which immediately knocks out two birds with one stone..
They’re naturally worn in…and they’re unique.

To be worn on the waist…or slouched on the hips: The choice is yours.

(All pics E.L.V.Denim)

Better get saving..

Laters, Kate x

Hello Summer!

This Time next week the kids we will be Greece and we will be following shortly after – a seismic shift in the fabric of daily life.

There’s just enough time to search for a few summer treats.  First stop, Freepeople.

These are the dresses to offer ease but also somewhere to hang your cream panama hat with a bit of sultry sun soaked style.

(All pics Freepeople)

Happily dreaming.

Laters, Kate x

Nicely Niche..


I was speaking to a friend yesterday about the appeal of embroidered patches and we were discussing where to buy them.  I don’t know the cheapest place to find them (any suggestions gratefully received – I’ll pass them on) but I do know the best:


Hand and Lock has provided the finest hand embroidery since 1767, offering everything from civilian to military regalia to ecclesiastical to couture.


They have the skill to produce intricate delights such as this.


Which can then with their bespoke service and be translated, if you so wish, into…well..the imagination is your limit.


They also offer a range of machine embroidered badges, perfect for every day.  You know they know their stuff because the sizes are perfect.

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This place is a little slice of living history – it’s even possible to take part in workshops or tour the atelier. This is Britain at it’s best.


Laters, Kate x

Bonkers Boho x


Boho chic for a bonkers past week..that’s not been helped by my mouse dying (of the computer variety) sigh. I’m still running today..this time to see the tennis at Queens.  Running now to iron my silk dress..

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Just wish I had one of these to layer up..

Laters, Kate x

Kick Start x


It’s that time of year again to slap on the glitz and layer on the lippy…except it’s never really like that.  It’s more like normal clothes with a touch of fairy dust.


So far better to get the staples right..and MiH are having a sale right now

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Laters, Kate x

Wool and the Gang x


Wool and the Gang was born to find the best way to produce fashion..namely by hand…your hands..(or if you’re really nervous..someone else’s)



It’s a quirky, sustainable reaction to the fast fashions of our generation that says stop, think..and make something special that lasts whilst reducing stress and improving dexterity.


You can either purchase complete kits to make yourself..or a separate price is given for a ready made item where you can support fellow ‘Gangsta’s’ by buying their handmade pieces.


There’s different levels for various abilities..and options for men, children and the home too…even crochet.


Wool is a favourite yarn, but they also work with fashion factories to repurpose their fashion waste into new yarns to reduce landfill.


Clever eh?


It was founded by three women: Designers Aurelie Popper and Jade Harwood met while studying textile design at Central Saint Martins in London, after which they went onto work at Alexander McQueen and Balmain.  Third member is Elisabeith Sabrier, former model, world traveller and yarn lover.


It’s the kind of stuff you you really want to make.



And now there’s no excuse..

Laters, Kate x

Lemaire x


Who can say no to effortless, elegant Parisian chic?


Lemaire is a collective led by Paris-based uber pair Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran who appear to feed off style instead of calories.


Their aim is exceptional everyday clothing heavily influenced by the atmospheric, historical, heady, cosmopolitan mix of Paris.


Expect deceptively simple pieces in modest, natural materials, updated to modern with a different kick and swing. It’s a palette that oozes cool from catwalk to couch.

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There’s a sophisticated allure that’s hard to define.

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It’s full of evocative elegance with the sense of languid air, white wine spirtzers and hazy, long days watching the world walk by.


(All pics from Lemaire)

Impossible to resist, undeniably covetable…

Laters, Kate x

Chambray love..


Soft, louche, lounging and easy..

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Could this be the ultimate denim dress? The cuffs are to die for..


(All pictures J.Crew)

Timeless pieces that quietly scream elegant summer living..

Laters, Kate x

Delicious Denim x


Delicious denim is having it’s moment and even the classic jacket is being taken for a creative ride…say hello to Sibling bling..


Acne (still such a dodgy name..) boggles with toggles.bead6160b5332bc11c90b41613bd0806

Preen explores the bomber…


and the traditional.


(All jackets and photos from

Whilst Maison Margela wants you to pay for deconstruction..

Which one floats your boat? Or will Levi’s classic always have that place in your heart?

Laters, Kate x