Dancing Queen x


There’s a theme emerging: Timelessness is now, meaning pick something from the seventies..and it will immediately look cool and new..


Saddle bags (referring to handbags..), flares, midi denim skirts, large sunnies, colour and wacky print..it’s a heady combination..


And Gucci – a stalwart of the fashion world, but not a label that hits the hip headlines – has captured the look to perfection..


Beautiful, strange and compelling..


 But already feels familiar..


With a little touch of acid..


(All photos Gucci)

Makes we want to hit the nearest vintage shop. Pronto.

Laters, Kate x


  1. dievca

    I had seen that first suede shirt/poncho in another photo and loved it!
    Still giggling about your “saddlebags as handbags” moment. We know where your head is, right now…. 😀

  2. thegentlemanfarmer

    Dear Kate
    Good Lord, I wish so desperately to be a young and vibrant rock star so I could run around with young and vibrant rock starettes who dress like yours do in these photos. Goodness, the trouble we could get into…

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