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These boots…

After weeks of rain, Monday has started with….rain. Leaden skies, soggy pavements, a veritable ooze of dampness pervading everything. But in the true spirit of ‘I don’t give a *uck, throw it at me, baby’ the flip side of the argument says there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad outerwear: so I give you the revolution that is the wellington boot, or at least it’s progeny…things have moved on..

(All pics Net-a-porter and Pinterest)

Keep sliding, but keep smiling!

Laters, Kate x

Cheers x

A toast to Toast for their latest collection: The perfect combination of simple, wearable, utility chic.

The beauty is in the details: Plackets, bibs, pockets and seems.

Check out the subtle pleating on the waistband and the neckline of this shirt.

(All pics Toast)

I want.

Laters, Kate x

Hi Society x


The perfect conker brown to match the season with authentically tooled leather, Penelope Chilver’s Barbarella Cordoban hi tops are the easywear anywhere shoe with that discerning level of quality and design.

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It’s a luxurious walk on the wild side…

Laters, Kate x



Do you remember this post? An up-cycle of a well-loved pair of shoes with a row of brass thumb tacks..well, they’ve proved their worth and survived for another year (just – too comfortable to consign till the very, very end) and remarkably most of the pins stayed in..there are a few gaps..


 Which have now been filled by these babies..push pins with personality!


I can see hours of fun ahead…

Laters, Kate x

Charlie’s shoes..


You turn your back on Charlie, turn round again and something has changed in a way that invariably brings a smile..


With the fake summer he got a simple pair of sandals..but he’s invented a new way to wear them.  And he’s now wearing all his lycra trainers with a cross too..


Now..where are those nail scissors??

Laters, Kate x

Treading Lightly..


Yesterday I went to see the lovely Claire from Air and Grace at her new pop-up store on the Kings Road to catch up on all her latest news and styles.  Claire started her label after spotting a gap in the market – she wanted shoes made for women, designed by a woman who understood what we really want –  the true concept of beauty: style and comfort.  It’s that word comfort that gnaws at something primal..


Her shoes are gloriously re-thought and inventively told, the tone is juicy streetstyle: classics with more than a twist..These are the Coachella’s with their glorious tan souls and beautiful stacked heels..the perfect ankle boot that’s been a hole in my wardrobe for forever…dress up, dress down..they cover all the bases..


And they have to be the most comfortable boot I’ve ever tried on.  It’s rare you can walk a shoe out of a shop and spend all day urbanly running in them..but that is the beauty of these babies..


It’s all to do with the quality of the leather, the clever design..and what goes on inside each shoe..the focus of quality engineering that give feet what they really need.


Her range is impressive..but there’s more to come – The long stretch boots of my dreams? She’s doing them! the Coachella in  ox-bood? Yes! The Coachella in leopard? Yes, yes, YES! Claire has a waiting list already..and I’m not surprised.


Seductive talking, well-heeled shoes for walking..dancing..and living.  Isn’t the identified love the most powerful of all?

If you get the chance, all I can say is pop down to Kth & Kin boutique at 330 Kings Road and see for yourself..

Laters, Kate x

S is for Studs..



Sometimes one is just driven by desire and dirty, pretty things like these spiked, snakeskin Laboutins..

f2eb8bffc5de3f06adb2c068fb8bf312 ddacfe80bd4b272eeeeb4cb77d7bf2fe 6b706d7b0ea3eba9005f1e1ff4b0c815 37d976ababfaad3125cf07fb38a2fe97Silhouette killer, attitude: Everything.  Definitely one for glow getters ready to feel the heat on their feet…

Laters, Kate x

Just Corking! x


These are my beloved two year old most comfortable summer shoes the world has ever known babies.  They’re really on their last hurrah, but I couldn’t resist giving them a summer re-vamp to squeeze that last bit of life out of them..


Studs!  Except they’re not..


They’re bog standard drawing pins (tacks to others) pushed into the cork..no glue, nothing..just a bit of thumb grease..



And I absolutely love ’em!  Now they’re smiling again for another year on the tiles…

Laters, Kate x

Espadrille Competition – THE ENTRIES! x

I was lured away by summer flowers and a lack of Internet – but what a post to come back to! The first ever Design Your Own Espadrille Competition!! This was a bit like a drive through the dark on an unknown road with no idea where it would lead, but with a trembling hand on my fluttering heart we have a truly wonderful selection of entries and I’m utterly thrilled and delighted! A huge thank you to all who took the time and talent to take part (for now you’ll remain anonymous..but not for long)


So feast your eyes on these beauties..and then vote for your favourite..the choice is yours!


Vote for Number One if you love the quirky and avant garde..

unnamed-3 unnamed-4IMG_0888

  Vote for Number Two if this pair tickle your fancy..

IMG_0896IMG_0889 unnamed-5

If you l’amour this cheeky little number, vote Number three!

unnamed-6 unnamed-7IMG_0890

If geometrical design floats your boat, vote Number Four!

IMG_0891 unnamed-8

Number Five makes your heart beat faster? Vote!

unnamed-9 unnamed-10IMG_0899

For a splash of neon, vote Six!

IMG_0898IMG_0897 unnamed-11

And if you think this delicious pair are a cut above the rest – vote Number Seven!

To vote, please name your favourite in the comments below….the winner will be crowned on Wednesday..

Laters, on tenderhooks, Kate x





Espadrille Competition!



Calling all fashionista’s (particularly those with a  young child within)  for our inaugural Pimp Your Kicks Design Competition! this is your chance to play, glue, dye, make..bake! accessorise and bling-o-rize a classic pair of espadrilles into a thing of beauty worthy of a street style photo shot (See here for more inspiration – seriously – the only limit is your imagination!)


The details:

  • Sign up below and send a photo of your finished shoes to contactkatebentley@gmail.com by midnight gmt on Friday 23 May
  • The winner will be announced on Monday 26 May with pictures of all the entries (can’t wait!)
  • You can enter as many pairs as you wish..and high heeled espadrilles also accepted.
  • There will be an external judge and a little prize for the winner..

I’m off to scout the internet for the cheapest pair of espadrilles I can find…and if I can find children’s sizes Bella and Charlie will be entering too!!

Laters, Kate x