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If the shoe fits x

If you look closely at a Birk, you can tell how people used to think – practical, longevity, function.


But you can add to that list at strange, earthly beauty.  These are foundation shoes to ground any outfit.

I’ve worn the same white pair for the last three plus summers, safe in the knowledge they work.

(All pics Birkenstock)

These are not the dizzying, sun dance shoes of whimsy and wonder, but the timelessness of deep, true love.

Laters, Kate x

Miss L Fire x

If I need a charismatic pair of shoes to wear all day, Miss L Fire is the first port of call.

Sit up on a coffee stool watching the world go by, curl up like a cat under a tree or paint the town red, these are the shoes that dance on the inside.

Because they’re time honoured show girls.

Laters, Kate x

Elina Linardaki x

14ac478d6422ff34507e0c6aaff78ce2I didn’t go to Glastonbury this year..but if I had, I would’ve worn a pair of these beauties by Elina Linardaki. (Until it rained of course, and then they’d transform into a pair of hunter wellies, because that’s just how magical they are).


I could do with a pair today..last week it was tights and scarves..this week temperatures are set to hit 36 degrees.  London in this kind of heat is not good, we seem to specialise in the really heavy, oppressive variety that saps the very life from your bones where 36 on the thermometer feels more like 46.  It’s partly because we’re just not equipped to cope..lots of glass, no shutters, no air con, no swimming pools, just a sprinkler in the garden.  We have Prize Day at the kids school today and thank God it’s no blazers, but no doubt we will all gently boil.c0718987e7c75a226705eb58c8ad9a7f b66753c48159448472321b3647e1bbde f44f688a83742434ff9307e37bd6c3f2 172857ed0f4f0e0529d8484af577fc41

I’ll be sitting their, quietly sweating away…dreaming of leather gladiators and a beach….

Laters, Kate x


Birkies.. x


The rise of the Birkie shows no sign of abating, indeed it’s all praise for the fashion trend that works with any outfit, any where and even keeps the chiropractor smiling.


Except I have one unexpected niggle..the most comfortable shoe ever they might..but eewch! Give them a while and they can put up a pong that gives a goat cheese factory on a hot day a run for it’s money (I don’t think this happens to everyone, but google ‘smelly birks’ and there are enough results to prove I’m not an isolated incident)..mine reeked so badly they spent the winter months tied up in a plastic bag in the bottom drawer of our freezer in an attempt to kill off the evil, perpetrating bacteria.  Sadly it worked for all of 5 mins..the time it took for them to de-frost.  Loathed to throw them away, I’ve finally come up with a solution that thankfully seems to work..a regular wiping down with bleach..it makes the leather for a bit hard..but rather that than inflicting chemical warfare on the local neighbourhood and resident small furry animal population..

169c3edc9b042c52656ccb69ecb83247The company aren’t resting on their classic laurels either but are continually bringing out different colours and updating styles with subtle, clever changes – one of the best being the addition of coloured soles. Red?


Or Pink?391f391f37d51d4d10142428bf921c39 d55dfecc98999afe96c5a0b8e065acb0They are the no-brainer-must-have shoe of the summer…it’s just deciding how many pairs which ones to buy..decisions, decisions..

Laters, Kate x

Charlie’s shoes..


You turn your back on Charlie, turn round again and something has changed in a way that invariably brings a smile..


With the fake summer he got a simple pair of sandals..but he’s invented a new way to wear them.  And he’s now wearing all his lycra trainers with a cross too..


Now..where are those nail scissors??

Laters, Kate x

Trans Shoes.. x


An arctic bloom has descended on the UK; a wave of cold has reached out it’s icy fingers once more.  The result in some ways is quite pleasing – deep blue skies and crystal clear air making all around bright and focused (I fear I’m the exception proving the rule..) but it means the weather isn’t honest – it’s horribly deceptive with a chilly, biting wind.  Then the wind drops and there’s power in the sun…just enough to make you resent your layers.  Basically, it’s complicated – which means thought into transitional clothing is probably essential, so much so I can see the appeal of these sheepskin sandals from Celtic & Co…that warmth..but still cool.


And less Big Bird than Celines infamous slides..


Plus, at £50 they’re a bit of a bargain combined with the extra joy of being a slipper crossover..

I’m seduced..

Laters, Kate x

Slides for a Reason x


Slides/sandals with socks were objects of such disdain in my youth: Only worn by tourists from lands that fashion forgot.  But now they’re the sheep-shoe of the moment…and why not? They’re the model of languid self-possession with sleepy, knowing eyes. 433370_e1_xl-e1398248993756 It’s that edgy, loose type of cool..a button casually left undone rather than a mini skirt and teetering heels…Birks are the reigning royalty.  The ones with white soles have particular appeal..shame my feet don’t like them, but there’re plenty of other options.. 1397733663-11029200

(From here)

Some with that extra element of something to elevate them from the ordinary..


(From here)

I like the way they mix with tailored suits – poise, power, grace. And the ability to run..


(The Adidas originals JS Wing slides in black and white – from 2011, but you might find on Ebay..)

It’s what makes fashion so fascinating: That visceral force and ever changing skyline where something can be so rejected one decade makes a complete turn around the next..


But comfort and style needs embracing: I dare someone to sit next to me and tell me it isn’t true….

Laters, Kate x