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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Toes..


On Tuesday I went to the rather exclusive Westbury Hotel in Mayfair for the PFLM London Shoe Show where there were all sorts of stands offering tempting delicacies of the sole variety – See by Chloe, Jill Sander, Paco Herrero to name just a few…but there was only one label for me….Claire was there with Air and Grace..and most importantly her new designs, literally hot off the factory floor….Meet Woodstock, the sophisticated over-the-knee boot you’ve only dreamt of (see this post here) complete with block heel, super soft black suede, the perfect elasticated cling and an inspirational, funky fringe running the full, graceful length…pure genius.


(Woodstock will also be available in tantalising tan.  I drool…)


The new Coachella’s are also a sight for sore eyes..


The leopard and snakeskin offerings are an exquisitely menacing set of shoes, primed and ready to strut street style..


And the pumps are all ready for the summer sun…the nude and stud combination should be an illegal high…


This was also the first chance to see the new Air & Grace sole..Claire’s trademark feather is now a cunning tread, with the potential for a starring role in any detective drama..

There are so many reasons to be excited about this label: A courageous, talented woman ready to take on the world and prove that art and commerce aren’t mutually exclusive, with a product that’s sassy and stylish and super-intelligently combined with the soft stuff of snug bedding beautifully translated into utter joy for feet…


I can hear mine sighing…

Laters, Kate x

S is for Studs..



Sometimes one is just driven by desire and dirty, pretty things like these spiked, snakeskin Laboutins..

f2eb8bffc5de3f06adb2c068fb8bf312 ddacfe80bd4b272eeeeb4cb77d7bf2fe 6b706d7b0ea3eba9005f1e1ff4b0c815 37d976ababfaad3125cf07fb38a2fe97Silhouette killer, attitude: Everything.  Definitely one for glow getters ready to feel the heat on their feet…

Laters, Kate x

Eddie Borgo x


There’s nothing better than a flowing boho dress with strong, studded jewellery..





The sort of jewellery that designer Eddie Borgo revels in.


It has my heart…

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Solid, timeless statement pieces..


But he can do elegant too..1e300fef46c221093232510306c753e7 c685ac07891419160b7deb5edf786c82

Is it too early to start a Christmas list??

Laters, Kate x

Feeling the Love x

IMG_0155How I love these sandals by Valentino! Let me count the ways..the studs are perfection, the colour sublime and the advert? So cool! – the manly hand resplendent with tattoos wearing the straps like a macho bracelet.  I’ve always had a thing about Greek sandals and I’ve been lusting after a gladiator style pair since the summer.  Happily I was lucky enough to receive a pair for my birthday in November, all the way from Athens from the very shop  recommended by our lovely blogger Lia.

IMG_3087My father, looking rather Greek  (he’s not, he’s Scottish (although he was born in Athens)) standing outside said shop.

IMG_3050Pantelis Melissonos third generation sandal-maker and designer holding my very shoe.

IMG_3081The ‘Mycenean’.

I’m not the only one that has loved/loves the classic, timelessness of these shoes that just get better and better with age..


IMG_3088 IMG_3089So I’m now the proud owner of a pair of ancient shoes, bought in Greece through the power of the blogging world, walking in the same footsteps as many of my icons and sharing the love with one of my favourite brands. Could it get much better??

(Now all I need is the maxi-denim skirt (dropped waist Valentino style) and white-rolled Palazzo pants I can see in my head to wear with them…and of course..the sun!!)

Laters, Kate x