Le Shopping..

IMG_3093 Shopping in Brighton is a smorgasbord of instant gratification.

IMG_3114With Delicacies round every corner.

IMG_3112 IMG_3115 IMG_3092IMG_3117I found my Vintage 501’s at Dirty Harrys on Sydney Road..great selection, impeccable service..and all 3 pairs (!) (one shorter to roll, one in dark navy *rather lush* and one long pair)..came to the grand sum of £35!

IMG_3147 So I added in a pair of battered cowboy boots..

IMG_3138 And a beautiful vintage silk kimono from Wolf and Gypsy (well worth a visit).

IMG_3119 IMG_3125IMG_3118much cake and tea was had in celebration.

IMG_3124After which The Husband wanted to buy me this.

IMG_3126I wanted to buy him this…

IMG_0348 My favourite place for lunch or High Tea..not posh, just warm, genuine and eccentric.

IMG_3097 With doughnuts the size of cannonballs. Who could resist?

IMG_0350 And these catseye sunnies somehow just purred their way into my possession..

IMG_0358IMG_0361Just the perfect place, with the perfect company to gently put the world to rights.

Can I go again?

Laters, Kate x


  1. thomasbenjamincooper

    My friend from uni lives in Brighton and wants me to visit her! She has told me of the vintage shops there! Looking forward to going after seeing this! Looks like a smashing day out!


  2. Laura Lynn

    Such a lovely tour of Brighton for those of us too far for a weekend getaway. I should return the favor and take a tour of Seattle for you. It’s a wonderful city to explore but I wonder how our vintage stores would compare? Next time I’m off the island I will do some rummaging around.

  3. Fashion Mayann

    What a fabulous shopping extravaganza ! American jeans and cowboy boots, japanese kimono, now, you’re truly an international superstar ! Almond and carrot cakes for me, please (people laugh at me ’cause I live in the country of “haute pâtisserie” but my favorite treats are English and American desserts) ! xxxx

  4. dievca

    Ohhh—how lovely to see Brighton vicariously through you! I have those boots in black! We call them Motorcycle Boots or Engineer Boots (or sh**t kickers). Nice job on the jeans and I really love that t-shirt for your husband — did they have a Women’s size for me? Or one that said, “Mind of an Athlete, body of a curvy dievca”? 🙂

  5. fashionassist

    Such a fun + delightful post and your closing words were totally sweet + touching…
    “Just the perfect place, with the perfect company to gently put the world to rights.”
    Could feel the deep sense of companionship + love you and hubby share and that to me is always très delightful!!!

  6. gotthebeautybug

    You pictures are awesome, I will definitely be hitting The Mock Turtle for some tea and cake at some point!

  7. jackiemallon

    You did good girl! The desired jeans plus cake and tea sets that matched table cloths and wine and…you are a determined young lady. And with Gesiha lines and Wild West tan leather, who needs Hermes, I ask!

  8. moodphototeija

    Awww, lovely pics, I want to go there!!! 😉 congrats of those501`s !
    and I just love that first pic too, I would not buy a Hermes, but someday I will buy Chanel bag, it is my dream 🙂 I was “collecting” handbags, but I had to stop because photography equipment ate my money 😀 😀

  9. eleonore mosimann

    Nice pics!! love the first quote, and the kimono is stunning… I love to wear those at home: comfy and stylish 😉 xxxx

  10. holzfeder

    One day at home and I already miss my life of the last five weeks traveling around the world. But your pictures here brought me the feeling again, being away, seeing inspiring stuff. Thank you.