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Cheers x

A toast to Toast for their latest collection: The perfect combination of simple, wearable, utility chic.

The beauty is in the details: Plackets, bibs, pockets and seems.

Check out the subtle pleating on the waistband and the neckline of this shirt.

(All pics Toast)

I want.

Laters, Kate x

Charlie boy..


It was two years ago I wrote this post about my Charlie. To briefly re-cap it was to honour his sense of self and lack of inhibitions, particularly when it came to clothes..but I wondered how long it would last – there’s a big difference between 5 and 7.   However I believe the photo above: Charlie holding a shell he found himself on an exploration round a rocky headland whilst illustrating his love of a fine sarong proves that nothing has yet changed..

IMG_9377 IMG_9396

He’ll happily have flowers in his hair..

IMG_9397 IMG_9543

Or braids.  (When the girls had their hair braided..so did Charlie..)


When we did a wander around Covent Garden and Soho, to both find the BFG dream jars..and do a sneaky vintage shop trawl.  All Charlie wanted was his own bow tie!


We did another shop, getting ready for the new term…he chose and black felt cap with ears (which he then wore to the Oval for the England v Pakistan test match)


A bag with pink tassels, a polka dot shirt and a sheepskin lined embroidered jacket..


All from Zara girl! (far better colours than the boys section I was told)


I think he’s going to be OK – they haven’t subverted him yet!

Long may it last!

Laters, Kate x


Holly go brightly..

Main staircase to Goethe Institute Princes Gate | Architect: Sir Charles James Freake |

Today marks the last Monday of term and school prize day – a day to avoid if ever there is one.  I swore last year, after three hours of clapping in heavy, muggy heat that I would never go again – and that was after the mornings two hour session.  But, there’s no emotional escape from the kids need to know you’re there..in world economics it’s a price too high to pay not to go, so it’s time to slap on the smile and don the nonchalance for one more time. I’ll be sitting there, checking out the colour combinations and trying to work out why some things work that really shouldn’t..and the reverse.

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SE surfaces Torvaldsen


Think of me.

Laters, Kate x