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If the shoe fits x

If you look closely at a Birk, you can tell how people used to think – practical, longevity, function.


But you can add to that list at strange, earthly beauty.  These are foundation shoes to ground any outfit.

I’ve worn the same white pair for the last three plus summers, safe in the knowledge they work.

(All pics Birkenstock)

These are not the dizzying, sun dance shoes of whimsy and wonder, but the timelessness of deep, true love.

Laters, Kate x

Hot to trot x


Nostalgic and a bit sentimental: I’m after a pair of wedge espadrilles with ties this summer.  I’d love them to be in a deep navy blue, but I suspect black is more realistic.


With just that little bit of extra height, they give an outfit the potential to carrying on strutting straight into a decadent night on the tiles.

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As well as being highly adaptable (also great with culottes or skinnies) they’re supremely comfortable and, with a bit of shopping around, easy on the pocket.
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If slides are your thing, check out Asos for the best selection..

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(All pics from Pinterest)

With prices starting at a mere £12 i’ts winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Laters, Kate x



Wearing a pair of knock-out shoes is like delivering an ironic joke with perfect rumpled nonchalance; If you’ve gone out in a sack, they’ll still make your outfit.


So it’s been a bit of a joy to discover Miss L Fire (with bases in both the UK and US) and it’s heady mixture of new and found..ac5dbb5a05c9725dee1dad58f67c3d70 b655e2bdb3309d7798659149398de527

Bright and compelling, silly but sharp they’re a pop pickers party bag.


Designed with retro in mind, they’re not slavish reproductions but vintage with a twist.

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And very happy to burn rubber with a pink tongue to poke out at unbelievers. 1c37b8a743941ff4684f02f42ac116d6

I think I’m in love.  I just want to dance down the summer streets to the mellow sounds of the slapped strings of a double bass accompanied by low husky vocals to carry me home.

Laters, Kate x

Just Corking! x


These are my beloved two year old most comfortable summer shoes the world has ever known babies.  They’re really on their last hurrah, but I couldn’t resist giving them a summer re-vamp to squeeze that last bit of life out of them..


Studs!  Except they’re not..


They’re bog standard drawing pins (tacks to others) pushed into the cork..no glue, nothing..just a bit of thumb grease..



And I absolutely love ’em!  Now they’re smiling again for another year on the tiles…

Laters, Kate x