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Espadrille Competition – THE ENTRIES! x

I was lured away by summer flowers and a lack of Internet – but what a post to come back to! The first ever Design Your Own Espadrille Competition!! This was a bit like a drive through the dark on an unknown road with no idea where it would lead, but with a trembling hand on my fluttering heart we have a truly wonderful selection of entries and I’m utterly thrilled and delighted! A huge thank you to all who took the time and talent to take part (for now you’ll remain anonymous..but not for long)


So feast your eyes on these beauties..and then vote for your favourite..the choice is yours!


Vote for Number One if you love the quirky and avant garde..

unnamed-3 unnamed-4IMG_0888

  Vote for Number Two if this pair tickle your fancy..

IMG_0896IMG_0889 unnamed-5

If you l’amour this cheeky little number, vote Number three!

unnamed-6 unnamed-7IMG_0890

If geometrical design floats your boat, vote Number Four!

IMG_0891 unnamed-8

Number Five makes your heart beat faster? Vote!

unnamed-9 unnamed-10IMG_0899

For a splash of neon, vote Six!

IMG_0898IMG_0897 unnamed-11

And if you think this delicious pair are a cut above the rest – vote Number Seven!

To vote, please name your favourite in the comments below….the winner will be crowned on Wednesday..

Laters, on tenderhooks, Kate x





I spy…




(Penelope Chilvers)

Espadrilles! Perfect to wear with the new trouser length, their artisanal chic shouts style-without-even-trying.


(Dolce and Gabbana)

In the Season of ugly shoes, the espadrille walks in the shadow of the Birk, never quite leading the way…but always there.



But from it’s humble position on sea-side kiosks and dusty holiday shops, it’s now been elevated to celestial heights and given the full make-over.


(Stella McCartney)

I can’t help but think – if what’s special about them is they’re colours and added bits….surely they make the ideal canvas for a DIY project?


(Tory Burch)

Cheap as chips to buy, easy to accessorise – no great financial risk if it all goes tits up – the only real limit is your daring and imagination with the end result equalling a stunning, original piece of your summer wardrobe…


(Missioni Mare)

Makes me think – shall we have a DIY Espadrille Competition????

Laters, Kate x