Earrings x


Do you remember these earrings from a post way back? They were as cheap as chips and came from the website Siren London – but they’ve been one of my best purchases ever, hence the follow up.


It was hard to tell from the original picture how everything fitted together for wearing – I’d wrongly assumed the words were the butterfly – but no, the earrings come in three parts – the stud, the word with holes to slide onto the stud and then the butterfly.  It was also a concern that the low price (£3.50) meant that the quality of the metal would cause problems..but I think that’s where these earrings have proved such a success..


The way they’re designed means you can use your own good quality stud earrings, then customised with the slide-on words….pure genius!  I went back and bought some additional designs as well for mixing and matching (the flowers and the claws are new) though the words remain my firm favourites.


(The new earring box is a pill box from Muji..perfect for storing all the little bits together)


I couldn’t resist this extra pair of earrings even though you can tell how badly they’ve been made by the fact that the pearl is on the same side for each earring.  Short trouser mistake. At least I only wear one earring at a time and wear something else in the other ear, like the ‘love’ design..and so far no bad ear lobe reaction..though I fear it’s only a matter of time..


But they were made to be joined with these..

So now all I need is a rather fabulous proper gold jewellery designer to run with this idea and start making proper witty versions so I can wear them forever and ever and ever..

Laters, Kate x


  1. Abbi

    Those are so much fun. One of those times I am genuinely sad that my piercings have grown closed. My dad had my ears pierced when I was 4 as a “surprise” for my mom. You can imagine how well that went down. This was when they discovered for the first time that my allergies were not only food-based but also extended to metal and the only thing that didn’t cause my ears to become infected was 18 carat gold. You can imagine how often a 4 year old loses their earrings. By the time I was six my mom had given up and the earrings were taken out. I have never had them repierced because I can still only tolerate body jewellery that is 18 carat gold or titanium so there didn’t seem much point. 😦

  2. mrsjamesbarry

    They are gorgeous and super witty. The price is ridiculously cheap, thanks for pointing these out. When you start Maisone Bentley Jewellery put my name down for some gold ones. What fun you could have customising them and putting all sorts of fun words. X

  3. Lia in Brussels

    Oh I remember them! I mean both those from Siren but I think I also recognise the stud earrings that you’d got sometime ago to customise some other pairs you’d dug out during a spring cleaning or something… that skull made an impression you see :-)) xxx

  4. jackiemallon

    Great follow up report! Good to know that inexpensive metals do not need to be feared. I always wonder when it comes to earrings but you have allayed some of my concerns. I’ll look out for these puppies 😉