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Hot to trot x


Nostalgic and a bit sentimental: I’m after a pair of wedge espadrilles with ties this summer.  I’d love them to be in a deep navy blue, but I suspect black is more realistic.


With just that little bit of extra height, they give an outfit the potential to carrying on strutting straight into a decadent night on the tiles.

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As well as being highly adaptable (also great with culottes or skinnies) they’re supremely comfortable and, with a bit of shopping around, easy on the pocket.
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If slides are your thing, check out Asos for the best selection..

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(All pics from Pinterest)

With prices starting at a mere £12 i’ts winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Laters, Kate x




Pray silence for the Grand Announcement: This vintage lipstick case plus my favourite red lipstick will be travelling off to the talented and amazing Winner of the inaugural Design Your Own Espadrille Competition. The judges found the decision incredibly hard – the competition was fierce and the standard high and many had sleepless nights agonising over their choice…but we do have a result…the design with the most votes was……..drum roll please.…..




No. 4! Which was by………me! So I’m handing it on to the next successful original entry which was…..roll those drums..




No. 5! By the lovely Vasiliki Machaira at Delightfully Peculiar! Huge congrats to you, you are our first ever winner!




To reveal the identities of the other entrants…No. 1 was made by none other than the irrepressible Julie at Vintage Attitude! Who else?!


No 2 was made by…me again!



No.3 was made by the wonderful Amanda at Sew Deputy who I hope has signed up for the next BBC Sewing Bee..




No.6 was made by me, Bella and Charlie.




And No.7 was made by the talented Virginia Romo at virginiaromo.com – I still want to know how you did your design – was it with a bleach pen? But then how did you do the colours??! I think this design got swamped by all the larger photos as the beauty is in the very fine detail…


A Big round of applause and a huge thank you for all those who took part – you are all stars! And congrats and a flowing bottle of champagne to Vasiliki!  Now…who’s for a large, cold, bubbly glass?!


Laters, Kate x




Espadrille Competition!



Calling all fashionista’s (particularly those with a  young child within)  for our inaugural Pimp Your Kicks Design Competition! this is your chance to play, glue, dye, make..bake! accessorise and bling-o-rize a classic pair of espadrilles into a thing of beauty worthy of a street style photo shot (See here for more inspiration – seriously – the only limit is your imagination!)


The details:

  • Sign up below and send a photo of your finished shoes to contactkatebentley@gmail.com by midnight gmt on Friday 23 May
  • The winner will be announced on Monday 26 May with pictures of all the entries (can’t wait!)
  • You can enter as many pairs as you wish..and high heeled espadrilles also accepted.
  • There will be an external judge and a little prize for the winner..

I’m off to scout the internet for the cheapest pair of espadrilles I can find…and if I can find children’s sizes Bella and Charlie will be entering too!!

Laters, Kate x

I spy…




(Penelope Chilvers)

Espadrilles! Perfect to wear with the new trouser length, their artisanal chic shouts style-without-even-trying.


(Dolce and Gabbana)

In the Season of ugly shoes, the espadrille walks in the shadow of the Birk, never quite leading the way…but always there.



But from it’s humble position on sea-side kiosks and dusty holiday shops, it’s now been elevated to celestial heights and given the full make-over.


(Stella McCartney)

I can’t help but think – if what’s special about them is they’re colours and added bits….surely they make the ideal canvas for a DIY project?


(Tory Burch)

Cheap as chips to buy, easy to accessorise – no great financial risk if it all goes tits up – the only real limit is your daring and imagination with the end result equalling a stunning, original piece of your summer wardrobe…


(Missioni Mare)

Makes me think – shall we have a DIY Espadrille Competition????

Laters, Kate x


Stud Star! x


Look what walked into my house last night…a genuine pair of Rockstud Valentino’s!  Such a greatly, brilliant bit of inspiration.  We all felt the power, that special bit of magic..and we all tried them on..and they were FABULOUS..the heel height is divine, the ball of foot is softly padded, cankles distracted, the colours magical.  It goes to show – find a way to own the best because it’s worth it – and if it takes a bit more pain, then it makes the treasure even greater.  Choose carefully, choose wisely – choose once if you have to –  and you too can walk with fairy feet…driferreiravalentinoflats2 P00087319-Rockstud-leather-espadrilles--DETAIL_1

The latest Rockstud offering is the studded textured-leather espadrille…but choosing carefully, I know where my heart belongs…

Laters, Kate x