Toy dogs x

il_570xN.380364372_afzdAs a child I was literally obsessed by the small, the cute and the handmade.  There was a shop in Highgate Village near where I lived called ‘Animus’ full of beautifully made mice and cats from Beatrix Potter that I drooled over..I still have the shop from there I got in my stocking one Christmas  – it was a fruit shop and every individual piece of fruit was painted clay and each was a tiny parcel of tissue for me to open.  Probably my best stocking present EVER.  These micro delights from Suami on Etsy remind me of those days….the workmanship just takes my breath away.

il_570xN.373849606_63caIt’s funny though as by nature I love beauty and practicality rather than ‘stuff’..but there’s an invisible line that still gets crossed and suddenly I want to own and covet special things and have them live in a beautifully crafted wooden Victorian treasure chest with hundreds of tiny drawers and hidden secrets and spend hours sorting out which treasure goes where…and then re-arranging them all over again..

il_570xN.341916595 il_570xN.442890010_mx2w il_570xN.314905858 il_570xN.340164250The miniature Molly dog has to be a favourite..

Laters, Kate x


  1. Laura Lynn

    ooh, love those. I’d have to have a treasure box because sure as shooting I’d immediately lose them. I know this because I’d have to carry them around to show all my friends and customers and that would be that. I’m having a craft party next week-after NaNoWriMo is over and I’m resting on my laurels-and there’s a master knitter crochet buddy coming. I was saving the ‘baby hat’s’ to show her, now this! You make me look good, Kate!

    • Maison Bentley Style

      You will certainly deserve a party! very jealous you have a master knitter/crochetter coming – all the crafts that are catching my eye at the mo seem to involve dogs and/or crocheting..just wish I could do it!

  2. Fox and Rook

    So sweet and tiny! I can barely tie my shoes, how can someone create such little things?

    Your mention of a chest full of little drawers sent me back in my memory to a shop in Vancouver that I used to go to when I was a young thing. They had really steep and narrow stairs which led to a basement full of chests and dressers. There were so many tiny little drawers, and each had some kind of knick-knack or neat little thing inside. Tiny harmonicas in one drawer, mini decks of tarot cards in the next… it was just so cool. I can remember that place in such vivid detail!

    Now if I could remember where my chequebook is, I’d be very happy.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Special! So special! In my heart I think I’m already planning for my grandchildren..I’ll be nodding off in my rocking chair with crochet blanket and they’ll be going through my magic chest and ooohing and ahhing at every discovery..even though they’ve seen them all before…and hopefully create some memories like yours! xxx

  3. mrsugarbears

    and those adorable penguins! My mother built a doll house for my baby sister when she was about six. Each detail was impeccable. The miniature fruit sounds identical to your treasured fruit from your stocking. I remember setting the table in the kitchen of her dollhouse with the miniature utensils, plates and food. Great memories. My niece was just given the dollhouse and watching her is precious.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Dollhouses. Sigh..I could really easily fall into that addiction – and the fruit shop would have a lot to do with it. I did buy a basic one to do with Bella but so far she has shown no interest and Charlie has been a bit young..sadly on things like this she tends to be far more practical than me and I’m the airy fairy one! I am very jealous of your niece..special, precious times indeed.. xxxx

  4. alexandrarentroia

    I must say that I am STILL “obsessed by the small, the cute and the handmade.” I love to see all the detail in such small things. My childhood dream was to have a doll house, and I was fascinated by very small dolls. So, I can assure you that I loved your post. I am now following you, follow me back if you like

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Thanks for the follow luv. I am resisting the dolls house trap..actually – I lie – I bought two vintage ones from Ebay last year I just haven’t found the time to properly hide away and disappear into another world whilst I sort out all the has lights that go on (so exciting) and has a SWEET SHOP attached…how amazing? Must find that time….

      • alexandrarentroia

        OMG, that looks awesome! I wish I’ll have a daughter someday so that I have the excuse to play with her! hehe And I will buy her a doll house, that’s for sure! ^^ Please, do find that time to “chase the rabbit into Wonderland”! 😉

      • Maison Bentley Style

        It has to be done doesn’t it? I am hoping to drag a sick (read recovering and just enjoying a bit of peace and quiet) Charlie to our local haberdashery shop today to gather bits for a craft session..if you don’t make time, there never is any! x

  5. alexcellent2012

    These are so gorgeous! Thank you for bringing them to my attention! I too have always loved the miniature and the cute. I used to collect tiny little porcelain animals as a child. I would line them up in order on my shelf. I had a dolls house and one of the pieces was a crate of Coca Cola with tiny tiny little Coke bottles with paper labels and everything. I don’t have the dolls house anymore, but still have the furniture! (and the coke bottles!) I must get on to this Etsy site.

    • Maison Bentley Style

      I’m the opposite way around..I fell for 2 dollhouses (!) and although they came with some furniture I am doing my damndest to resist won’t last long…but I know, when I succumb I will probably never resurface! I’ve seen what’s available at Etsy and Ebay!! xxx