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Pray silence for the Grand Announcement: This vintage lipstick case plus my favourite red lipstick will be travelling off to the talented and amazing Winner of the inaugural Design Your Own Espadrille Competition. The judges found the decision incredibly hard – the competition was fierce and the standard high and many had sleepless nights agonising over their choice…but we do have a result…the design with the most votes was……..drum roll please.…..




No. 4! Which was by………me! So I’m handing it on to the next successful original entry which was…..roll those drums..




No. 5! By the lovely Vasiliki Machaira at Delightfully Peculiar! Huge congrats to you, you are our first ever winner!




To reveal the identities of the other entrants…No. 1 was made by none other than the irrepressible Julie at Vintage Attitude! Who else?!


No 2 was made by…me again!



No.3 was made by the wonderful Amanda at Sew Deputy who I hope has signed up for the next BBC Sewing Bee..




No.6 was made by me, Bella and Charlie.




And No.7 was made by the talented Virginia Romo at virginiaromo.com – I still want to know how you did your design – was it with a bleach pen? But then how did you do the colours??! I think this design got swamped by all the larger photos as the beauty is in the very fine detail…


A Big round of applause and a huge thank you for all those who took part – you are all stars! And congrats and a flowing bottle of champagne to Vasiliki!  Now…who’s for a large, cold, bubbly glass?!


Laters, Kate x




Espadrille Competition – THE ENTRIES! x

I was lured away by summer flowers and a lack of Internet – but what a post to come back to! The first ever Design Your Own Espadrille Competition!! This was a bit like a drive through the dark on an unknown road with no idea where it would lead, but with a trembling hand on my fluttering heart we have a truly wonderful selection of entries and I’m utterly thrilled and delighted! A huge thank you to all who took the time and talent to take part (for now you’ll remain anonymous..but not for long)


So feast your eyes on these beauties..and then vote for your favourite..the choice is yours!


Vote for Number One if you love the quirky and avant garde..

unnamed-3 unnamed-4IMG_0888

  Vote for Number Two if this pair tickle your fancy..

IMG_0896IMG_0889 unnamed-5

If you l’amour this cheeky little number, vote Number three!

unnamed-6 unnamed-7IMG_0890

If geometrical design floats your boat, vote Number Four!

IMG_0891 unnamed-8

Number Five makes your heart beat faster? Vote!

unnamed-9 unnamed-10IMG_0899

For a splash of neon, vote Six!

IMG_0898IMG_0897 unnamed-11

And if you think this delicious pair are a cut above the rest – vote Number Seven!

To vote, please name your favourite in the comments below….the winner will be crowned on Wednesday..

Laters, on tenderhooks, Kate x





Espie Inspo..



Update on Espadrille Competition: Due to various requests I’ve extended the deadline – Photos of creations to be submitted by Friday 23 May, winner announced Monday 26 May!



Mine have arrived – I ordered a white and a navy pair.  the white were a bit grey and disappointing – like six month old sports socks – so I took the plunge and sat them upside down in a bowl of bleach..worked perfectly! They are now a glow in the dark white.  In fact, if the above pictures float your boat, then check out ‘Bleach fashion’ on Pintrest – has some incredible offerings like how to make a bleach pen by leaving a yellow felt tip pen soaking in bleach for a day…….just think of the possibilities!

This pair were made with the a basic potato print!


Or there’s always the humble permanent marker…


Taking these YouKhanga shoes as inspiration, the options are deliciously  infinite…

Laters, Kate x

(All pictures Pintrest)






The light (as discussed here and here) is coming on.  I suspect my top shade is too big..but I just can’t stop! I love the way each shade eats up the shade below and covers the gap between them.  At the moment they’re loosely hooked together – on the plus side it means they can be unhooked with the greatest of ease.  On the downside you have to be careful to find the central point to keep them straight and balanced..and the slightest knock…..they all come crashing down…The window is open now and they do move most beautifully in the breeze.

IMG_0670 IMG_0668


We’ve also been having the most wonderful weather in London (long may it last and much deserved) so Bella, Charlie and I have been re-claiming the garden from winter.  Utter madness, but I’ve wanted to extend our patio for ages…I managed to dig out over fifty bags of soil hashtag-who-needs-a-gym? I’m dying to know whether I can actually do it…I want to add some inlaid cobbles as well..time will tell – and I fully accept I’m nuts, but I really believe getting your hands dirty is part of the joy of life.


I’ve ordered my espadrilles (2 pairs) for the Competition..ideas are bubbling – just a matter of which ones to choose..and I’ve had another little creative project on the side based on a Dries Van Noten shirt I fell in lust with…but I think I’ll save that for another post! Only a week of the Easter Holidays left to get it all done…no pressure!


Laters, Kate x