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Jack Frost x


Woke up this morning to my favourite Jack frost icing of feathers.  I wish I knew what conditions are required for it to form but just seeing it always brightens my day.

IMG_0289 IMG_0278 IMG_0277


I think William Morris must’ve been a fan as well…


Just beautiful.

Laters, Kate x

A slice of Heaven..

Think of this as a beautiful, decadent present from me to you, waiting to be unwrapped layer by mesmeric layer…it’s not a new clip, but remains one of the most stunning demonstrations of ballet I’ve ever seen..every time I watch it, I have tears from sheer amazement…The Guandong Acrobatic Dance Troupe dancing Swan Lake, starring Wu Zhengdan and Wei Bashua…watch and fly to heaven.

(Can I add that my head today is in utter sympathy with his head courtesy of an amazing night at Chez Galliana Dov’e and Jo’s, you wicked, wicked people…you’ll know it when you see it, but yes, there is a ballerina doing pirouettes on my forehead as just can’t see her…so remember – it maybe Tchaikovsky…but make sure the volumes down, pretty please??!)

Laters, Kate x

Just a little something pour moi…

$_57-2 One for them, one for me..wasn’t that what we’d agreed??

Which is how this little vintage beauty slipped into my clutches (What was it Oscar Wilde said?..I can resist everything..except temptation? Wise man)..Perfect for Christmas morning and generally wafting about in. Tied at the waist the volume still hides a multitude of sins till I can find my perfect sleep-wear..

$_57-1(I think I may now have to decorously retire to my velvet chaise complete with satin eye mask and marabou sippers to contemplate whether Christmas Martinis should be shaken or stirred…)

(Yep. Hungover…Please explain to my kids what a ‘Do not disturb’ sign is as they don’t seem to notice it…(Darlings, the lights are on..but no-ones at home..))

Laters, muuuuch laters, Kate x

Door-Candy x

The word on the street in the South West London ‘hood is that festive bling matters…bugger the size of your car, house..waist…What hits the spot in December is your door-adornment slash taste ranking. The competition is hotting up…

IMG_0142 IMG_0143 IMG_0144 IMG_0145 IMG_0146 IMG_0149IMG_0150 IMG_0152 IMG_0153IMG_0151So far there are no reported cases of wreath-rage,

but those in the know fear it’s only a matter of Christmas time…

Laters, Kate x


I fail.  I’m happy to hold up my hands and admit defeat..I know I’m meant to be buying presents for other people..but please tell that to the little bits of gorgeousness that keep falling into my lap crying Buy me! Buy me! these earrings..

557899_grandeThey’ve been on my lust list since forever (OK. I lie, but I did have a photo of them squirrelled away) and then – like everything else I’ve always wanted – I trip over them just when I’m at my most stretched (bah humbug)…but HOW could I resist? They’re such a subtle, fun take on the eponymous ear cuff…I love how the back of the earring has been used to make the letters appear suspended..clever, clever, clever..

kiss_earrings_grande-1And then there was this little pair that caught my eye at the same time..wouldn’t it be fun to wear the ‘love’ in one ear and the ‘kiss’ in the other? Wouldn’t it?!

(Does it help if I say they both came to £7.00 with postage? – I recommend a check out)

But just imagine them in gold..with a diamond…sigh.

But if that was the case..there’s no way they’d be on their way to me now…gotta be grateful for small mercies..even naughty ones…

Laters, Kate x

Xmas Decs..

original_ornamental-party-dog-christmas-globe(From Horsefall & Wright)

What sort of style is your Christmas tree? Monochrome? Minimal white? Decadent perhaps? I’d say mine is definitely ‘eclectic’ where anything goes – Christmas isn’t something I can contain with a single theme..I like my decorations to be treasures collected over the years which are a joy to see again, carefully unwrapping them from their tissue slumber.  For me Christmas is sparkly wonder that sings a siren call to my inner magpie..I’m virtually powerless to resist..but I do try and limit my decoration purchase to one special one each year.  And this delicate bauble of happiness in honour of our dog Molly (nice excuse) is this year choice of delight..but there’s a delicious range of tantalising gorgeousness…

original_ornamental-party-dog-christmas-globe-1 original_ornamental-party-dog-christmas-globe-2 original_ornamental-polar-bear-christmas-globe original_ornamental-forest-owl-christmas-globe original_ornamental-deer-christmas-globe( could I let this cute beauty slip through my fingers??!..Molly needs a friend!)

Laters, Kate x

Party! Party!

sportwear-pic3Shrug and dress by Marc Jacobs

What I want need in my wardrobe tonight..turning the language of Christmas into glorious visual bauble of deliciousness.  Perfect for a night on the tiles, Christmas day…quite frankly any day. Now…how much is left in the overdraft?!

Laters, Kate x

Toy dogs x

il_570xN.380364372_afzdAs a child I was literally obsessed by the small, the cute and the handmade.  There was a shop in Highgate Village near where I lived called ‘Animus’ full of beautifully made mice and cats from Beatrix Potter that I drooled over..I still have the shop from there I got in my stocking one Christmas  – it was a fruit shop and every individual piece of fruit was painted clay and each was a tiny parcel of tissue for me to open.  Probably my best stocking present EVER.  These micro delights from Suami on Etsy remind me of those days….the workmanship just takes my breath away.

il_570xN.373849606_63caIt’s funny though as by nature I love beauty and practicality rather than ‘stuff’..but there’s an invisible line that still gets crossed and suddenly I want to own and covet special things and have them live in a beautifully crafted wooden Victorian treasure chest with hundreds of tiny drawers and hidden secrets and spend hours sorting out which treasure goes where…and then re-arranging them all over again..

il_570xN.341916595 il_570xN.442890010_mx2w il_570xN.314905858 il_570xN.340164250The miniature Molly dog has to be a favourite..

Laters, Kate x

What is Beauty?

81289104_rlargeOriginally taken up by wayward adolescent youth as a symbol of rebellion Doc Martens are firmly on the list of lust.

81289104_rlalt2 81289104_rlalt3

Solid, indestructible and defiantly special things have definitely moved on from the basic bomber boot of yesteryear.  Now there’s an intriguing elegance and a characterful charm to their no-nonsense appearance.


I want.

15400410 If these weren’t embossed with paisley I would buy them for The Husband for Christmas…with the paisley?..just a bit too feminine? (Never, in a million years thought I’d ever say that about DMs..).


A possible compromise..but once you’ve seen that beige leather edging in the pair above..they look almost..boring! quell horreur!!

13762310 I  saw this green pair walking down the street and my eyes followed, instinctively.

And my heart turned the same colour.

15004401 Would you ever think these were a pair of Docs?

14655961 So lush..

11883601 J’adore..


These would be treated with the same care I would give a small, cute, furry animal…

Laters, Kate x