What is Beauty?

81289104_rlargeOriginally taken up by wayward adolescent youth as a symbol of rebellion Doc Martens are firmly on the list of lust.

81289104_rlalt2 81289104_rlalt3

Solid, indestructible and defiantly special things have definitely moved on from the basic bomber boot of yesteryear.  Now there’s an intriguing elegance and a characterful charm to their no-nonsense appearance.


I want.

15400410 If these weren’t embossed with paisley I would buy them for The Husband for Christmas…with the paisley?..just a bit too feminine? (Never, in a million years thought I’d ever say that about DMs..).


A possible compromise..but once you’ve seen that beige leather edging in the pair above..they look almost..boring! quell horreur!!

13762310 I  saw this green pair walking down the street and my eyes followed, instinctively.

And my heart turned the same colour.

15004401 Would you ever think these were a pair of Docs?

14655961 So lush..

11883601 J’adore..


These would be treated with the same care I would give a small, cute, furry animal…

Laters, Kate x


  1. Une petite Bruxelloise

    All these pairs are so unique!!! Wearing an all-black outfit and just adding a pair of these creates the perfect outfittttt

  2. dievca

    Some great pairs. My favorites — the blue paisley and the brown embossed. But you are right the paisley might not go over well with the straight Male crowd.

  3. kirsty warman

    I watched online the programme with the lady in her 70s rocking her Docs. All the six women were brilliant and inspiring. I just want to go shoe shopping now. Kx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Wasn’t it fab? That incredible choreographer with her wonderful toy boy oozing love? Her flexibility at that age!! Gives me hope..except I can’t do that now! Can’t go wrong with a pair of Docs! xxx