I fail.  I’m happy to hold up my hands and admit defeat..I know I’m meant to be buying presents for other people..but please tell that to the little bits of gorgeousness that keep falling into my lap crying Buy me! Buy me!..like these earrings..

557899_grandeThey’ve been on my lust list since forever (OK. I lie, but I did have a photo of them squirrelled away) and then – like everything else I’ve always wanted – I trip over them just when I’m at my most stretched (bah humbug)…but HOW could I resist? They’re such a subtle, fun take on the eponymous ear cuff…I love how the back of the earring has been used to make the letters appear suspended..clever, clever, clever..

kiss_earrings_grande-1And then there was this little pair that caught my eye at the same time..wouldn’t it be fun to wear the ‘love’ in one ear and the ‘kiss’ in the other? Wouldn’t it?!

(Does it help if I say they both came to £7.00 with postage? www.sirenlondon.com – I recommend a check out)

But just imagine them in gold..with a diamond…sigh.

But if that was the case..there’s no way they’d be on their way to me now…gotta be grateful for small mercies..even naughty ones…

Laters, Kate x


  1. Positive Sarah

    You know how you tell yourself you won’t buy anything else because it’s Christmas, and you’ve been REALLY good, and only bought necessary things, and economised with cheapish shampoo rather than posh stuff…then a blog post comes along and you idly click on it, and think, “OH my GOD I must have those?”

    Yeah. That.

    £7 you say? Ker-ching!

  2. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update

    I’m pretty sure it’s statistically impossible not to buy something for yourself at this time of year… especially when the temptation is as cute as this!

  3. Cortneybre

    I try to use a present buying ratio – for every three presents I buy for other people, I buy one for myself! Its just TOO tempting with all of the sales!

  4. alexandrarentroia

    Well, I can relate! I must stop buying “presents” for myself and start buying for others (which I am in fact doing)!
    Those ear cuffs are really cute! I have bought 5 pairs lately (who could have guessed?) but mine are bigger and they follow the ear shape.
    From a shopaholic to another (just guessing 🙂 ): great buy, don’t feel guilty!