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Mini Morris! x

So William Morris – who will always and forever had a piece of my heart – has teamed up with Swedish brand DockATot to produce some of the most edible nursery soft furnishings I’ve ever seen. Which is mind bending on several levels – 1. why has no-one thought of this before? and 2. No-one has because we compartmentalise everything away, with Morris floating under Victorian in big letters, and masculine in little. Which means should we throw all conditioned thinking under the nearest bus? And 3. If you’re thinking pah! I have no need for nursery whimsy – I would further highlight the perils of conditioned thinking, because their floor cushions are any-excuse-for-any-room-to-die-for.

(All pics Pinterest and DockAtot)

Dog bed. Anyone?

Laters, Kate x

Queen Square x


As someone fascinated by life and society, I’m always intrigued by change and what drives it as I genuinely believe that sometimes change is wrong – that there are things that have reached their peak and can’t be improved upon and that sometimes we push growth without thinking of the long term consequences. But that doesn’t mean that all change is wrong – one only needs to look at this new collab between Ben Penreath, the creative, architect and interior designer and William Morris to see how great eyes can bring new life.


(All pics Pinterest and Style Library)

My joy explodeth over.

laters, Kate xxx

7 Hammersmith Terrace

There’s a new place ripe to visit: No. 7 Hammersmith Terrace, once the home of  printer Emery Walker has just been re-opened to the pubic and proudly boasts the most complete and authentic Arts & Crafts interiors in the UK. Delights include hand blocked Morris & Co Wallpaper, a  veritable smorgasbord of textiles and authentic Philip Webb furniture. Deep sigh..few houses in the world have original Morris & Co wallpaper on every floor in nearly every room…but this one does.


Walker was a key member of many of the organisations that embraced the ideals of the Arts and Crafts Movement and as such was a close friend and mentor to William Morris.

His house has just undergone an eighteen month renovation – during the process all sorts of delicious discoveries were made like letters from Rudyard Kipling used as book marks and spectacles belonging to Morris with cuttings of his hair in a desk drawer.  It is a living and breathing time capsule.

Could be my new favourite place in London…


Laters, Kate x

I Heart Mr Morris x

But as a rule, it’s been because of his interiors..however..
1010299_588194241225644_1977287225_n Nigel Weymouth wearing William Morris Jacket with Rufus Potts Dawson, Amanda Lear and Jess. Photo by Colin Jones 1967.421890_593424814035920_926321943_n-1156417_491981824170869_1810068023_nGeorge Harrison also sporting a fetching number… And the modern equivalents..alice_olivia_007_1366.450x675Alice and Olive floral skirt. Style.com


Oswald Helgason A/W 2013 Collection..seriously worth checking out.314992_502618853107166_1707013513_n169017_181333038569084_8101372_nCrossing the centuries: Maria Sethe.

Which goes to show, when it works..it works.

Laters, Kate x

The Hall x


Time to decide which wallpaper makes the cut for the hall which is a bit like going into Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory and just choosing one ickle bickle flavour.  How do you pick?

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It will be William Morris because he is my interior design hero and God.  But that hardly narrows the field down.

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I’ve discarded some of the darker patterns, just because I’m going darker…on the dado and skirting boards..and in the kitchen..and sitting room..and cinema room..hey ho – just call my home a cave..

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I’m thinking this one – Arbutus – could be it…There’s something about the 3D effect of the leaves and their blue/grey colour..


Decisions, decisions…

Laters, Kate x

Turning to the Dark side..


Now to decide on the colourways for the hall.  This isn’t my hall, just a picture for inspiration, but I know I want the woodwork to be dark, virtually black, except how far do you go? The newel post in this picture is epic, but I can’t help feel they missed a trick not painting everything that dramatic thundercloud grey up to and including the dado. Does that mean below the dado has to be dark as well? The radiator cabinet? It’s a dilemma..


Although having it dark certainly makes wallpaper pop.


And wallpaper is a cert.  William Morris if I have my way, but not this one, though the black wood looks magnificent against it.


A dark top half which directs the eye beautifully to the bamboo paper at the back. But it’s not what I want.


Dark all the way..tempting, except it’s leading into a dark room..


This is the closest picture to reality…and it’s got to be black all the way, up to and including the dado.

Decision made. Now to choose the wallpaper..

Laters, Kate x

Light and Shade x


Time is running away.  I have May to make decisions, June to order..we’re away in July..work starts in August.  It’s really not long. I’m sort of there on most things..but I know that what I want to do is a dance with the dark side – the really dark side –  which in view of the popularity of scandi design is like holding hands with the devil..but if I stand back it’s more a collective reaction to inspiration from my past that’s already firmly stood the test of time..


One of my most favourite interiors ever is Henry Higgins house in Wimpole Street from the film My Fair Lady with it’s opulent multi-layered mash of texture and colour..there’s a welcoming warmth far removed from the clinical hotel look we’ve come to view as the norm. The William Morris wallpaper is spectacular as is the sense of history and quality.


(The Cecil Beaton costumes weren’t bad either..I still want this blouse..and my wedding dress was based on Audrey Hepburn’s dress to the ball)


The other interior that holds it’s place to this day is the house in Practical Magic..


All dark and brooding woodwork..


With stunning cabinetry..


A kitchen to die for..


And a heavenly conservatory to boot…


It’s not the colours – it’s the good/bad design thing that’s oppressive about our modern interiors..the time has come just to claim the space. I think a trip to Leighton House where the above picture came from is needed to further that connection with Victorian opulence and underline the fact it’s not about being different – there’s very little that’s truly new – it’s about going with what you feels is right..rather than what’s expected.

Laters, Kate x

Morden Hall Park x



My book club book (due for discussion next week) is H for Hawk, a memoir by author Helen Macdonald about raising a Goshawk in a time of grief.  So it was pretty thrilling to go to the Morden Hall Park Country Fayre on Bank Holiday monday to see live birds in action.


Morden Hall Park is a National Trust property right at the end of the Northern line where the river Wandle, the river used by William Morris to power his factory, flows powerfully through.


It’s a place that manages to marry urban and country in seamless unity..and this Fayre was no exception.


A barn owl flying over one of Charlie’s class mates.

IMG_5198 IMG_5171

Full of people but still far from the Madding crowds, there were salt of the earth stalls like this man, quietly making the most beautiful and realistic flys for fishing.

IMG_5175 IMG_5178

In the grounds blacksmiths and basket weavers were practising their fine arts.


There was even time to catch bubbles..

IMG_5181 IMG_5182 IMG_5193

With miniature steam trains, ferret racing, dog shows, lots of animals as well as traditional stalls..and not so traditional ones…it was a genuinely great and unexpected day out.


But that’s the nature of Morden Hall Park – they really like to embrace the wild.  In July they’re holding a Big Camp weekend with the opportunity to set up an overnight camp in the same field that Lord Nelson tethered his horse whilst he fished in the River Wandle and two days of ranger led activities with dinner cooked on a camp fire and story telling.  Just gutted we’ll be away…next time Rodders, next time..

Laters, Kate x

The Girl with the Pearl Clothes…

m-322-2561-52600-lvFHQowjMlyx m-322-2561-52618-lzROj75GbSIT

I will love you, Mother of Pearl AW14, but I will hate you at the same time..because I could never afford your prices…


Your witty take on William Morris, courtesy of the collaboration on the Collection with Richard Saja, brought willingly to the twenty first century with neon embroidery has stolen my breaking heart.


There’s the game changing take on tartan..


And ingenious print..It’s not just about what you want to wear, but who you want to be.  If I wore this, I’d be myself – but a bit better:  I’d waft.  And wonderful phrases with many syllables would flow like liquid gold from my happy lips, making even Sparrows smile….


 The little touches, the fabulous shoes..how could nude ankle socks ever look so chic?


And this is actually a dress..a surprise..


(Photos by Style,com and Kristabel Plummer)

One by one they follow the shape of my heart…and walk on by…

Laters, Kate x


Jack Frost x


Woke up this morning to my favourite Jack frost icing of feathers.  I wish I knew what conditions are required for it to form but just seeing it always brightens my day.

IMG_0289 IMG_0278 IMG_0277


I think William Morris must’ve been a fan as well…


Just beautiful.

Laters, Kate x