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Raise it up x

All I want for Autumn-slash-winter is a pair of Docs.

The reasons are multiple…

– Aesthetically pleasing

– A true classic

– One size fits all i.e. No different for either men or women.

Which is a very satisfying comment on life.

(All pics Pinterest)

Because these boots were made for walking.

Laters, Kate x

These boots were made for walking..


If less is more and more is less, then a pair of Docs has to be a must for winter.



The do-anything-go-anywhere-shoe that can actually take a pounding and, like the best things in life, get better with age.

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That’s one part of the winter uniform ticked off then..

Laters, Kate x

Retrospective Ahead x


Another wish for Fall 2015? A pair of sturdy Doc boots..


The lace-up ones have a certain something..


How high can they go??


( All boots from here)

Pretty high! (And perfect with an eighties mohair coat..)

Laters, Kate x

Dear Santa..


Please could I have a left-handed calligraphy pen…(and possibly the Dummies Guide to go with it) so I can finally learn to write with heart swooning swirls…I think it would improve my quality of life considerably..


(And then next year, you can ask me to write something beautiful for my very own lazer-cut bracelet from this incredible Shop..(I’m happy to give you the chance to save up to wait till then..)it’ll be worth it)


  (Although, I might have to be very fussy and ask for the gold version..I know, high-high..but gold is my colour..)


But until then..eye’d love to see these beauties in my ears stocking…


And with all things nineties being the spice of the moment, these Doc Martens would remind me of penny loafers past.. 81K+e7MwKeL._SL1500_


And to make me smile? This ipad case complete with teeth..open it up and hear me roar..

P.S. I’ve been good.  (I think)


Laters, Kate x

What is Beauty?

81289104_rlargeOriginally taken up by wayward adolescent youth as a symbol of rebellion Doc Martens are firmly on the list of lust.

81289104_rlalt2 81289104_rlalt3

Solid, indestructible and defiantly special things have definitely moved on from the basic bomber boot of yesteryear.  Now there’s an intriguing elegance and a characterful charm to their no-nonsense appearance.


I want.

15400410 If these weren’t embossed with paisley I would buy them for The Husband for Christmas…with the paisley?..just a bit too feminine? (Never, in a million years thought I’d ever say that about DMs..).


A possible compromise..but once you’ve seen that beige leather edging in the pair above..they look almost..boring! quell horreur!!

13762310 I  saw this green pair walking down the street and my eyes followed, instinctively.

And my heart turned the same colour.

15004401 Would you ever think these were a pair of Docs?

14655961 So lush..

11883601 J’adore..


These would be treated with the same care I would give a small, cute, furry animal…

Laters, Kate x