Lord of the Flies..


On Friday I went to see the Brilliance that is Lord of the Flies at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre.  The story starts when the child survivors of a plane crash find themselves alone on a desert island.  They have to come to terms with the enormity of what’s happened, enhanced by the genius stage settings of Director Timothy Sheader and Designer John Bausor. I mean..how awesome to walk into this? There’s a fleeting glimpse of friendship and paradise, before everything descends with gathering speed into a swirling, smoke-filled, fire-glowing hell hole of hate, malevolence and ominous spite.


You watch transfixed as the morals we and society hold dear obligingly fall apart as a 12 year old choir boy rises to the ranks of a Caligula: a crazed power addict manipulating and terrorising all around him,  his primal drive to gratify his own desires and enforce his will and fuel his lustful sense of power.


(Pics from Regents Park Open Air website)

It’s a primal scream unleashed and puts a magnifying glass on the beast under the bed we all want to ignore.  Fast, furious with flame throwing high energy, it’s some of the best acting by young actors I’ve seen in a long, long time.


Utterly shocking but totally compelling..there’s a UK tour..go see it if you can. Be prepared to feel pared all the way to the bone.

Laters, Kate x


  1. MELewis

    Lord of the Flies (which I also confuse with he of the rings;) was required reading back in my high school days. Looks like a brilliant stage production!

  2. dievca

    Freshman English — required reading (for someone else, too, I see). I enjoyed it and it looks like they did an excellent staging of the book.

  3. abbiosbiston

    The set looks amazing. I had to read the novel in year 10 and hated it. I wonder if I would enjoy it more as an adult.