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A slice of Heaven..

Think of this as a beautiful, decadent present from me to you, waiting to be unwrapped layer by mesmeric layer…it’s not a new clip, but remains one of the most stunning demonstrations of ballet I’ve ever seen..every time I watch it, I have tears from sheer amazement…The Guandong Acrobatic Dance Troupe dancing Swan Lake, starring Wu Zhengdan and Wei Bashua…watch and fly to heaven.

(Can I add that my head today is in utter sympathy with his head┬ácourtesy of an amazing night at Chez Galliana Dov’e and Jo’s, you wicked, wicked people…you’ll know it when you see it, but yes, there is a ballerina doing pirouettes on my forehead as well..you just can’t see her…so remember – it maybe Tchaikovsky…but make sure the volumes down, pretty please??!)

Laters, Kate x