A slice of Heaven..

Think of this as a beautiful, decadent present from me to you, waiting to be unwrapped layer by mesmeric layer…it’s not a new clip, but remains one of the most stunning demonstrations of ballet I’ve ever seen..every time I watch it, I have tears from sheer amazement…The Guandong Acrobatic Dance Troupe dancing Swan Lake, starring Wu Zhengdan and Wei Bashua…watch and fly to heaven.

(Can I add that my head today is in utter sympathy with his head courtesy of an amazing night at Chez Galliana Dov’e and Jo’s, you wicked, wicked people…you’ll know it when you see it, but yes, there is a ballerina doing pirouettes on my forehead as well..you just can’t see her…so remember – it maybe Tchaikovsky…but make sure the volumes down, pretty please??!)

Laters, Kate x


  1. Fashion Mayann

    Your sumptuous present has brought tears in my eyes ! I’ve just read an article about ballet in the January 14 issue of “British InStyle” ! If only I had kept my childhood ballet shoes, I swear that I’d try to pirouette on my wooden floor right now ! xxxxx

  2. fashionassist

    I sit here amazed–silenced by the beauty + skill of these two Chinese dancers…
    I found myself holding my breath in awe, staring at the video like they were an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind twirling, Christmas ornament {that could shatter any minute if knocked from the tree}…
    breathtaking + absolutely, positively brilliant dancing…
    a slice of Heaven indeed–thank you lovely Kate~ xo

    • Maison Bentley Style

      On the you tube clip there is no mention of their names so I did a bit of research..it’s quite nice to know they are a couple in real life as well..possibly not surprising when you think how much they’ve had to practise xxx

  3. Lia in Brussels

    Ah yes, I bumped on this some time ago but watched it again in awe… these Chinese acrobats are so subtle I keep thinking they’re boneless! Although I would have preferred a different piece than the poor, much abused Swan Lake (which doesn’t make balancing on your partner’s head in perfect vertical splits any less awesome)! x

    • Maison Bentley Style

      It’s funny – I watched another clip of theirs, but it’s the music that does make it extra special..there’s something in the build-up that lends itself to the performance. I also think because they are wearing traditional ballet costumes you feel the boundaries being pushed which I am always a fan of! xxx

  4. fashuninja

    What?! My brain just fell out of my skull! I have never seen Swan Lake danced like that before. Amazing! Going to see Shen Yun early next year. Love the dance movement out of China!

  5. KerryCan

    This is spectacular! When she went en pointe on his head I just about passed out–and if your head feels like his must’ve, you probably wish you could pass out!