Xmas Decs..

original_ornamental-party-dog-christmas-globe(From Horsefall & Wright)

What sort of style is your Christmas tree? Monochrome? Minimal white? Decadent perhaps? I’d say mine is definitely ‘eclectic’ where anything goes – Christmas isn’t something I can contain with a single theme..I like my decorations to be treasures collected over the years which are a joy to see again, carefully unwrapping them from their tissue slumber.  For me Christmas is sparkly wonder that sings a siren call to my inner magpie..I’m virtually powerless to resist..but I do try and limit my decoration purchase to one special one each year.  And this delicate bauble of happiness in honour of our dog Molly (nice excuse) is this year choice of delight..but there’s a delicious range of tantalising gorgeousness…

original_ornamental-party-dog-christmas-globe-1 original_ornamental-party-dog-christmas-globe-2 original_ornamental-polar-bear-christmas-globe original_ornamental-forest-owl-christmas-globe original_ornamental-deer-christmas-globe(Now..how could I let this cute beauty slip through my fingers??!..Molly needs a friend!)

Laters, Kate x


  1. Alexa Jean

    I too limit myself to one new tree decoration each year but it’s difficult to resist buying more. I love the polar bear, he might even encourage the other half to get in the spirit of the season!

  2. Fashion Mayann

    At least, if these ravishing tiny animals are locked in a bubble, I won’t be allergic to them ! Seriously, It’s beautiful to honor Molly with your Xmas decorations ! I love the polar bear a lot ! xxxxx

      • Fashion Mayann

        Poor lady, I know how it feels but I had to stop the injections (I was doing it myself in my arm yuck !) ’cause I suffered from too many allergens. I truly hope that your sister will be luckier ! xxx

  3. A Spoonful of Style

    As long as the kids live at home (and are still into Christmas..) our tree will definitely be eclectic rather than minimalistic or stylish. But truth be told I wouldn’t have it any other way! X

      • A Spoonful of Style

        Ha ha, yes that’s me as well! And then the kids get annoyed that their homemade creations no longer have pride of place…And my husband just shakes his head and wonders why any of it matters at all. xxx

    • Maison Bentley Style

      Y’see – you WILL have a Christmas tree! I have a really naff one I painted in a pottery glass..at the ends of the branches are little lights that turn on when it’s plug in! Wish I’d painted it better!! X

  4. KerryCan

    I like Christmas decorations that have accumulated over the years and have layers of memories and meaning. I don’t want a matchy-matchy Pinterest Christmas!

  5. fashionassist

    Adore your new ornament + agree, fave Christmas trees are the “living” scrapbook type…
    the ones that mark time and tell stories…
    enjoy your “living” tree~ xo

  6. evelenmargaret

    They are all adorable. With the years I’ve come to use more & more LED’s and fresh green.
    Congratulations to your award. xxx

  7. jackiemallon

    You find the cutest itty bitty things! My tree? Nonexistent at the moment so I’ll have to fix that. I’ll get an itty bitty tree but put giant baubles! x

  8. dievca

    Eclectic ornaments in boxes: elves, czech blown glass, a pickle, wood, handmade, photos, etc. All in boxes, all in storage. We use a replica “Charlie Brown Christmas” tree, one red ball ornament. It makes me very happy~

  9. mrsugarbears

    Love these ornaments! I tried to do a “themed” tree one year and it just felt wrong. I now have a tree that includes a lot of my childhood ones, as well. It makes me much happier.

  10. Laura Lynn

    I have a tree that has everything on it. Including my cat, Mr. Jones. I try and make a special ornament each year-some years more successfully than others. This year I’ve already bought a moose and an elk ornament. How could I resist? My fav year was the year we did a ocean theme and made kelp from felt and fish and coral and octopi and…it was pretty spectacular! This year we’re doing silver, red and black. Supposedly.

  11. vintageattitude

    Love these baubles but my problem would be……how do they breath?…I can’t put any animal like thing in a bag….soft toy or otherwise. Bonkers I know but I would spend all Xmas thinking how can I lift that dome off!!!xx