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Toy dogs x

il_570xN.380364372_afzdAs a child I was literally obsessed by the small, the cute and the handmade.  There was a shop in Highgate Village near where I lived called ‘Animus’ full of beautifully made mice and cats from Beatrix Potter that I drooled over..I still have the shop from there I got in my stocking one Christmas  – it was a fruit shop and every individual piece of fruit was painted clay and each was a tiny parcel of tissue for me to open.  Probably my best stocking present EVER.  These micro delights from Suami on Etsy remind me of those days….the workmanship just takes my breath away.

il_570xN.373849606_63caIt’s funny though as by nature I love beauty and practicality rather than ‘stuff’..but there’s an invisible line that still gets crossed and suddenly I want to own and covet special things and have them live in a beautifully crafted wooden Victorian treasure chest with hundreds of tiny drawers and hidden secrets and spend hours sorting out which treasure goes where…and then re-arranging them all over again..

il_570xN.341916595 il_570xN.442890010_mx2w il_570xN.314905858 il_570xN.340164250The miniature Molly dog has to be a favourite..

Laters, Kate x