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David Bowie x


RIP David Bowie, the man who’s gone to heaven.

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Hot tracks, cool suits, he was the slipstream where art and narrative collided.

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I met him many moons ago as a film extra – we chatted over a chicken sandwich whilst having our hair highlighted together..he would eventually cut my throat. Not many people can say that..


The Picasso of pop and an enigma to the end: A superstar that, in a news crazy world where titbits are commodity and nothing is sacred, managed to keep his illness a secret and death a shock.  Utter respect.

Laters, Kate x

Here it goes Again..




There are days when nothing goes to plan…that’s when you need to sit back and respect the awesomeness that is OK Go…timeless, fantastic and guaranteed to make you look at the gym in a whole new way…


Laters, Kate x

A slice of Heaven..

Think of this as a beautiful, decadent present from me to you, waiting to be unwrapped layer by mesmeric layer…it’s not a new clip, but remains one of the most stunning demonstrations of ballet I’ve ever seen..every time I watch it, I have tears from sheer amazement…The Guandong Acrobatic Dance Troupe dancing Swan Lake, starring Wu Zhengdan and Wei Bashua…watch and fly to heaven.

(Can I add that my head today is in utter sympathy with his head courtesy of an amazing night at Chez Galliana Dov’e and Jo’s, you wicked, wicked people…you’ll know it when you see it, but yes, there is a ballerina doing pirouettes on my forehead as just can’t see her…so remember – it maybe Tchaikovsky…but make sure the volumes down, pretty please??!)

Laters, Kate x

Mr Who?


The lovely Afrow did a post on her brilliant Blog about Mr Hudson which I read/listened to with pleasure..I love both the song and the video

You can almost touch the subtly infused  David Bowie influences…and I want need that car, sigh…but butterfly brain that I am..I couldn’t help but think..

Unknown-1 Mr Hudson and Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea?

(yes, my guilty weekly secret pleasure) (though not Jamie it has to be said)

(For the uninitiated..a little taster..(sort of..))


Surely separated at birth??


I’m getting confused..Unknown-2I swear even the girl at the end of the Hudson video is Lucy Watson….

Laters, Kate x