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Leaves, left, gone..

First came the stone art post, little gems of time and love, nestled in their creative blankets.  Now it’s leaves with crochet.  Moments of change caught forever; the turning of the tide from summer to autumn, the passing of another year. Less decoration, more frosting, ice crystals made permanent.  Delicate representations of fragility and tenderness.

(All pics Susanna Bauer and Pinterest)


Because why does purpose always have to lead?

Laters, Kate x

Stone Faced x


It took me a while to understand the appeal and connection that I felt to these little pieces of art from the moment I first saw them.  I think it’s to do with the every day made beautiful, the worship of nature, a celebration of simplicity and a special sense of appreciating there’s something in the act of giving over time to create something that has honour but no practical purpose except it’s own sense of wonder.

(All pics Pinterest)

I also think, on a subliminal level, they remind me of the sea urchins we go diving for in Greece.

For objects so small, their voice is big.

Laters, Kate x

Update x

The crochet is going great guns, particularly as we’ve come up with the perfect project to encourage repetition, practise and ideal tension: We’re making what can only be called ‘little socks’ for my dining rooms chairs to replace those sticky pads that only work to gather dog hair.

We did experiment with a garden string and twine, but for ease of make we’re going with a thick grey wool, though we’re both anxious about longevity – time will tell.

It also helps that the six chairs round the table are back with their newly woven seating, looking enticing.

So that’s only seven chairs and twenty eight more socks to go..

Laters, Kate x

Wiser x


It’s going to be some time before my fingers can instinctively do this, but I’m having my first ever crochet lesson today and my eyes can’t wait.


They’ve been checking out all the incredible designs a simple hook and a piece of yarn and a little bit of yearn can make.


I’m very lucky – I’m learning from a highly skilled older lady in my neighbourhood courtesy of The Wiser Collective, a group set up by local mums Claire Redway and Sarah Laffey which aims to link up the generations in my area and

  1. offer practical support for families living apart from their relatives
  2. build connections and provide purpose for potentially isolated older people
  3. offer a sense of neighbourly community and companionship for both groups.

It works on the idea that there is so much we can learn from a group that all too often find themselves isolated, and there are things that as busy families we can offer – large meals with laughter can be something we take for granted.


(All pics Pinterest)

I can’t wait

Laters, Kate x

Instant Gratification x


Heading to the sewing superstore today to re-stock the portable summer craft box…

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(All pictures Pinterest)

I love the idea that one hook and some coloured yarn can do all this..

Laters, Kate x

Summer DIY


The rollercoaster ride of summer is gathering speed..today will be the first day of wearing a summer dress all day long without a coat.  Bliss.  I would happily wear summer dresses all summer long – they are without doubt the ultimate capsule wardrobe.  I did my Atlantique Ascoli check and I have 5 cotton ones…so I’m on the hunt for 2 more to make 7 outfits for the sun ticked off.  They’re all I take on holiday now – simply blinged and pimped with jewellery and different shoes for the evening.

I’m also collecting together my summer craft box – a tupperware container with enough bits to while away the magic hours that only appear on holidays, when time seems to get stretched by the sun.  Last year we made macrame and friendship bracelets (even Charlie can rustle up a mean macrame)..and I’m sure we’ll make more this year..we got pretty proficient at sewing in chains and all sorts..

IMG_4391 IMG_4389 IMG_4390

This year I’ve found this to add in..all we’ll need to add are a crochet hook, some buttons….


Maybe we’ll finally do a take on this…all I need is time..(and that little bit of child labour)……….

Laters, Kate x

If I was a Beach Babe..


And had no boobs, I would indulge in delicious and saunter the golden sands in one of these little numbers..


Held together by an exotic brew of  neoprene, crochet and skill  Kiini bikinis are designed to embody the bohemian beach babe vibe.


Handmade, each bikini is unique and lovingly named after friends and their daughters (HOW lovely?)..


For something so small, they are an assault course on the eyes – original, mysterious and effortlessly hip.


Perfect  for magical, eternal summers…would you need anything else?

I lust.

Laters, Kate x

Toy dogs x

il_570xN.380364372_afzdAs a child I was literally obsessed by the small, the cute and the handmade.  There was a shop in Highgate Village near where I lived called ‘Animus’ full of beautifully made mice and cats from Beatrix Potter that I drooled over..I still have the shop from there I got in my stocking one Christmas  – it was a fruit shop and every individual piece of fruit was painted clay and each was a tiny parcel of tissue for me to open.  Probably my best stocking present EVER.  These micro delights from Suami on Etsy remind me of those days….the workmanship just takes my breath away.

il_570xN.373849606_63caIt’s funny though as by nature I love beauty and practicality rather than ‘stuff’..but there’s an invisible line that still gets crossed and suddenly I want to own and covet special things and have them live in a beautifully crafted wooden Victorian treasure chest with hundreds of tiny drawers and hidden secrets and spend hours sorting out which treasure goes where…and then re-arranging them all over again..

il_570xN.341916595 il_570xN.442890010_mx2w il_570xN.314905858 il_570xN.340164250The miniature Molly dog has to be a favourite..

Laters, Kate x